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What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)3

2020.10.29 16:56 Meda126Octl What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)3

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)3
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2020.10.28 14:28 MoistBacon29 After some introspection I feel like my loneliness and not being in a relarionship is self inflicted due to lack of confidence..

Im an extraverted introvert that picks when to be quiet or hyper social. I have some great features like people think I'm funny, have a great smile, nice eye lashes, very toned and fit, and good facial hair. Some bad is being 5'8, acne scared nose, and having a slightly big forehead. There are just so many times where i could make a move on someone who is likely interested but i just end up not doing anything.
Like right before covid i was scouting a photo shoot location for my portrait photography side gig and passed a pretty attractive girl holding text books. She was looking at me with a big smile. When i was walking by her I immediately thought to say hi and complement her cool hairstyle. Then when the moment passed I thought "eh she's probably taken and I'm gonna look dumb.." And "shes out of my league". We ended up just continued smiling at each other and walking our separate way. Immediate regret.
Another was a few months back when i did uber eats. I delieved Mexican for a super pretty girl in this nice neighborhood. We had a great chat and i didn't take it any further by making a move. She tiped me 20 bucks at least.
I hate that i need absolute certainty to make a move (aka Why ive sadly stuck to online dating as of the past couple years). Why am I like this..
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2020.10.28 08:43 SnooPeripherals7717 Cultures

Seems like more folks these days are gravitating towards their culture these days or what’s hot atm. Im half japanese and half Mexican. Two very strong cultures. My mom (af)left my my dad for a wm while he was out to sea in the navy and sent my sister and I and very young ages I was 5 and she was 3.This was in 84. I was raised by my dads side. Never really fit in with anyone Japanese or Mexican but had friends from here (the us)who were half Mexican and white. Race didn’t really come up as an issue growing up cause we all had respect for each other. Race was never really an issue with dating that I know of just my shyness. I’m sure some girls must’ve assumed that I’m not equipped with sizable goods. I’m 42 now, never really done anything with my life but its not over just stagnant.
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2020.10.28 08:01 Tamalamah What is going on in the dome piece rn

I don't really know where to start but I guess I'll start at this fantasy I have. So I have this girl I super like and she is within my really small friend group. I try quiet often to play stuff with her and talk to her on discord (as we are both schooling from home rn but that is soon to change for me). I feel as if I'm doing something wrong because anytime I try to talk to her she just...I guess doesn't respond? Idk it weird but like she is fucking like...amazing. Everytime I think for her and I it's just a state of bliss and I was reading my book today and I thought about her for just a second and I caught myself on thought and felt woozy. Little did I know but five minutes had gone by and I think to myself "she doesn't talk to you. Your game tastes are pretty different, like all you play is league and cs, why would she care about you. On top of that you play guitar but you are too insecure to play infront of anyone minus your only other friend who is in your band. The last time we were all together to build her pc you built the shit out of it and you look really fucking weird now that you know all this stuff but remember when she said that is was cool in the car? Yeah you're over your head if you think that means anything. Remember when you were back at your friends house and he started playing guitar in front of her? Well when you tried to play after you looked really dumb didn't you". I do this to myself and just wait for the other person to say something because I don't know why. I guess it is to not look dumb and just go on a wing of emotion and ruin whay we already have. She emailed me and said that I was funny and that if I was into streaming which I am. I don't want to be the douchebag thats like "oh date every girl the talks to me" which i know isn't true but it feels like it. Like yes I have thought about it but this is the only person that has made me go on fucking teenagers and write this out at 1 ish. She also follows my reddit but isn't an active user so let's hope she never finds this. To be honest I think I might just let all this go on till we part ways if we ever do. I would love to be with her. Go in car rides with her, teach her how to play guitar (because with the small amount of courage I have i asked her if she wanted me to teach and she said yes but doesn't know what she wants to play). I guess the real reason I feel so neglected to ask her out is because we do have an age difference by about a year and some change and the fact that the first night when she emailed me, we traded discord usernames and I came out to her about my "anxiety". Now the thing with this is I don't really care who knows about my "depression" but being how anxious I am is something I feel super guilty about and want zero people to know (Ironic I'm posting to anyone who reads this which won't be much but the thing is I won't see any of you again in my life. Know what I mean?) But like why the hell did I tell her all of that. I feel the reason she doesn't talk too much to me like alone is because of that night when I told her about some of my "anxiety". I was in a discord vc with her alone and I started talking about a pretty fucked up dream I had (tldr of it was my dad went on a killing spree and he killed my mom. Hate my dad, my mom is my only constant. This is only what I told to her) I didn't tell her about how someone picked me up and drove me away from my dad. That stranger looked nothing like her but I just made an amazing connection with this stranger and we started making out then meet her dad (it was the Mexican dude from dexter who came out as a killer like dexter). When I woke up from the dream I remembered everything from it and I knew that stranger was her, just whatever my subconscious made of her. But I told her the first half and we went on and on about our weird dreams we have and that transitioned into me really just talking with her about a lot of things I haven't told anyone since I broke up with my "long time girlfriend (8-10th grade relationship)". The reason I started to pour all of this on her was because my gf was the only person I talked to for those two years about anything remotely serious. This convo went on from maybe an hour and a half and I realized like this is why she doesn't want to really do anything with you. So I said goodnight and what not but I stayed up writing stuff that next morning I would hate. But I just went through the whole conversation that I had with her for hours and cried almost the whole time because I thought I blew it and I came on too strong. We did talk about how the first night we talked that she felt she came out with too much info and I felt the same but I said " I really like that you did because it made me feel comfortable again" (after the break up and everything). For a couple days I gave up with anything social and just cried and played runescape while in my Google meets and play league, get tilted then play cs and go to bed tilted and axtually cry myself to sleep. My main friend (let's call him tom) who I told my feelings about thus girl to says that the three of us (tom her and I) should come over and have lan with two of his friends that were in college. I went over and so did she and we were all having a good time and one of toms friends became one of mine aswell. But she ended up leaving early (which makes sense) and it was tom, my new friend and the other person who I didn't really talk to but tom said he was pretty shy and he ended up going to bed early. Tom, new friend and I walked up and down his driveway from quite some time (his driveway was like 1/4 of a mile when new friend called it quits and went to bed but tom and I kept going. We talked about music and i asked if I could join his current band (I have worked on some projects with him in the past) but I was now in his band which is cool but besides the point. We talked about her and how I thought I never had a chance. We came to the conclusion I should ask her out but surprise! I never did. So she wanted to build a pc so tom and I built her a pc part picker list and he invited us over again to build it which her and I both said yes to because she was super excited to build it and have more than just a shitty laptop to play mine craft on. Well I got to toms house, the two other people weren't there meaning it would just be the three of us. Tom and I jump into a league game and she arrives and we finish with a 20 min ff (yay) and we start talking about build the pc. As the game was going on I would be pretty tilted because I won top tank and we were losing pretty badly but all I could think about was her. I looked over to see what she was doing and omfg she looked so famn beautiful and it felt like I went in third person and just looked at myself in disgust. I had the same thoughts as earlier with all the self doubt and what not and just how I looked. It wasn't like I hadn't taken a shower in a week. I have pretty long hair so I shower daily but I just thought of all my (which I don't really have a lot of) and how gross my hair was. I never thought of my hair as gross after a shower. But after all that and the league game was over we need to go to a store and get a case. On the way to the store we were all having a good time and I felt like I fit in which was an amazing feeling. When we were in the store I was cracking jokes and both of them were laughing and I felt amazing. One of the best feelings. But we got the case, went to Tom's and started building. Me not wanting to look like a freak I didn't help to much but when I could tell tom didn't know exactly what he was doing I stepped in and just sucked it up and started to go at it. At one point when we were building I was feeling like one of those emo kids with the greasy hair from the 90's always fipping my hair back so I put it up and this is a very rare thing to do in public but I felt really stupid but didn't care because I thought after tonight I would really talk to anyone that much again. We finish and she turned it on and it worked. We took it over to the TV because that was the only thing with an HDMI port and everything was working. Well we need to get a 8 gigabyte flash drive so she took tom and I around for an hour or so to different stores and try to find a flash drive (it was about 11 at this point so everything was closed). As we are driving around I just kept dreaming about it just being her and I and doing this with a very tight and amazing relationship. I ask if everyone wants to listen to some music and everyone says yes so I turn on some khruangbin and we are all vibing. I notice that the end of the album is going up so I switch to King gizzard and the lizard wizard. I tried to see if a few songs would hit but nothing did except motherfucking Rattlesnake. The song that basically goes "RATTLESNAKE" for nine minutes and good damn we are all singing "RATTKSNAKE" and having an amazing time. We got our "dinner" and the flash drive and headed back. At this point it is like 12-1. We all ate and got windows running but didn't really do anything with the pc as we are all tired and she is even tired and sleeps over. I slept in the couch and she slept in a recliner with a sleeping bag and what not. (She just took the recliner before we left to go get the flash drive). So I was sitting on the couch and tom was in his room which all wasn't far apart mind you. But as I'm laying down I just want her to come from behind and hold me and lay with me. It makes me feel warm for a brief second and it all goes away when I start self doubting again. And this all leads to here. I still daze off and think about her and I together daily and I even catch myself writing chord progressions that describe exactly how I feel towards her. I don't know what to do about all of it but I don't want it to ruin our trio. I also feel like we are the bestest of friends. You hear how these two best friends got married and I really just think like you have to really know the person to date them or even think of them romantically at all you know? Also with all of this day dreaming of her I feel im being like a huge stalker and I feel im degrading her and objectifiying her. But going on the "I don't want to ruin the trio" thing, I can't thinking of one thing that wouldn't change it. Like if she says no then she might leave and maybe even never talk to me again and also with that I feel when she first emailed me it was just to stream and what not and I feel im just taking something and running with it and going somewhere were she didn't want it going. Idk but if you read all this? Well damn I thank you because you heard me. Thanks. I'm going to sleep now. Might delete it the morning so she doesn't see. Thanks again
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2020.10.27 06:22 That_Chocolate_Bar Advice on interracial dating

TL;DR- I'm a black man and constantly praise black women and this is the first time I've dated a girl outside of my race (mixed light skin mexican and black with predominantly mexican features) and people have been extremely disrespectful about it and have even harassed me. What's your view and what should I do
I know black men shouldn't hate on chocolate or dark skin women, I already know that. My question is what I should do about being in an interracial relationship (black guy here). I respect black women, uplift them all the time, and love em. I generally prefer them and black men. However, because of the stigma of black men not dating black women when I do think a girl outside of my race is pretty I often deny how I feel and don't pursue it. This is the first time dating out of my race somewhat. She lightskin mixed mexican and black and predominantly has her mexican features. I've stopped telling my family and black friends about her because I got told I don't like black women etc when I'm always respectful towards them and often uplift them. Yesterday it was bad, bad bad. I was called racist, called a swirler and insulted multiple times, told I was killing off the black race, and more by a black woman. I didn't fall in love with her for her race, her skin is clear and beautiful, but if she was a different race (with those predominant features ofc, it'd be a little confusing if she didn't) then I wouldn't care, I love her for her. What do I do to fix this? My girlfriend is getting extremely upset with this now as well because she sees me not telling my family (her friends that are all for the most part black don't think it has anything to do with her race or anything and aren't rude but strangers and some family members are) anymore and sees others harassing me for it sometimes. What should I do and what's your POV?
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2020.10.27 06:10 That_Chocolate_Bar Can I get some advice when it comes to interracial dating

TL;DR- I'm a black man and constantly praise black women and this is the first time I've dated a girl outside of my race (mixed light skin mexican and black with predominantly mexican features) and people have been extremely disrespectful about it and have even harassed me. What's your view and what should I do
I know black men shouldn't hate on chocolate or dark skin women, I already know that. My question is what I should do about being in an interracial relationship (black guy here). I respect black women, uplift them all the time, and love em. I generally prefer them and black men. However, because of the stigma of black men not dating black women when I do think a girl outside of my race is pretty I often deny how I feel and don't pursue it. This is the first time dating out of my race somewhat. She lightskin mixed mexican and black and predominantly has her mexican features. I've stopped telling my family and black friends about her because I got told I don't like black women etc when I'm always respectful towards them and often uplift them. Yesterday it was bad, bad bad. I was called racist, called a swirler and insulted multiple times, told I was killing off the black race, and more by a black woman. I didn't fall in love with her for her race, her skin is clear and beautiful, but if she was a different race (with those predominant features ofc, it'd be a little confusing if she didn't) then I wouldn't care, I love her for her. What do I do to fix this? My girlfriend is getting extremely upset with this now as well because she sees me not telling my family (her friends that are all for the most part black don't think it has anything to do with her race or anything and aren't rude but strangers and some family members are) anymore and sees others harassing me for it sometimes. What should I do and what's your POV?
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2020.10.26 23:16 daftnotounk Is what this girl said racist or am I just stupid? Lol

Listen I sometimes really suck at being in social settings and it has happened before that someone was outright racist to me and it had to be pointed out to me.
Like seriously full on racist comments that for whatever reason my brain just did not register. Idk if it’s that I really am a clueless idiot or I don’t pick up on social cues sometimes. But anyways I’ve been talking to this girl for 2 mos now and while we’re not in a relationship, it seems to be going in that direction. I mean we’ve hooked up a couple times and have gone out on dates but still in that phase of getting to know eachother.
Also adding in that I’m half Hispanic from my mom’s side (white from my dad’s) so I do have that slightly darker shade.
We were texting eachother yesterday and here’s what’s she sent me: “Was thinking about you this morning when I was putting chorizo and jalapeños in my eggs.”
The funny thing is I don’t eat spicy food for shit. 😂 Like I hate jalapeños. Can’t handle them at all and she knows that cause we talked about it a few times before.
So I’m wondering if she said that because of our convo about how I can’t eat it or because she knows I’m also Mexican and that’s typically what we eat (she’s a white girl btw)
Idk I’m not tryna overthink it but just genuinely curious since I normally don’t pick up on that stuff unless someone points it out to me.
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2020.10.26 22:06 incorruptible_bk Vanguard's Day of Judgement: Keith Raniere gets sentenced at the EDNY Courthouse

Vanguard's Day of Judgement: Keith Raniere gets sentenced at the EDNY Courthouse
This post will be used to aggregate news from the sentencing of Keith Raniere. I'll try to highlight the longtime beat reporters and voices of survivors.
Given the possibility of crowding at the EDNY complex and COVID-19 rules, I will not attempt to enter the building to try to observe like with the Bronfman sentencing. I may check what goes on with the press gaggle outdoors and see if survivors wish to leave their statements.
If you find interesting Tweets or articles, please suggest them in the comments and I'll put them in the post with a shoutout.

Raniere Sentencing Day -1 (10/26/2020) Clips

7:35AM, NY Daily News "NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere denied new trial, rants about justice" by Noah Goldberg
Judge Nicholas Garaufis ruled that Raniere’s motion for a new trial was filed too late, and that “even if Mr. Raniere’s motion were timely, it would fail on other grounds” — adding that affidavits from two devoted followers “is neither material nor exculpatory.”
Raniere is set to be sentenced Tuesday after being convicted of sex trafficking and conspiracy charges.
10:00AM New York Times: "Sex Cult Leader, Facing Life Sentence, Regrets Nothing" by Nicole Hong
Several victims are expected to testify when Keith Raniere, the founder of Nxivm, is sentenced this week for sex trafficking, extortion and other crimes.
11:29AM Vice "NXIVM Survivor India Oxenberg on Why She Didn't Believe She Was Brainwashed" by Sarah Berman
The 29-year-old victim of a notorious slavery-themed blackmail scheme will deliver a statement at Raniere’s sentencing in Brooklyn federal court Tuesday, but Oxenberg says she won’t address the convicted sex trafficker directly. “He doesn’t have the ability to feel remorse or empathy, so it’s more about me communicating the facts,” she said in an interview with VICE News. “I’m addressing the judge.”
2:30PM Ayla Ferrone tweets:
Excited to partner with @GiulianaBrunoTV and @WTEN for coverage on the sentencing of #NXIVM leader Keith Raniere tomorrow.
2:30PM NYT: "A Timeline of the Nxivm Sex Cult Case" by Carla Correa
3:00PM Jaclyn Angro tweets:
"Supporters of Keith Raniere from Make Justice Blind are having a press conference outside Federal Court in Brooklyn."
4:00PM ABC News: "NXIVM founder Keith Raniere to face sentencing" by Aaron Katersky
Keith Raniere returns to Brooklyn federal court on Tuesday to learn his sentence for running NXIVM, a self-help organization prosecutors labeled a "criminal enterprise" exploited by Raniere for power, profit and sex.
4:51PM New York Post: "Nxivm sex-cult sicko Keith Raniere set to speak at his sentencing tomorrow" by Rebecca Rosenberg & Kate Sheehy
The convict’s lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, told The Post on Monday, “He has the constitutional right to speak to the judge, and I expect that he will do so.’’

Raniere Sentencing Day (10/27/2020) Clips

1:21AM Our subreddit's own u/yescruz takes a late night photo of the MDC and says "i wonder if KR’s getting any sleep tonight!"
[Ed Note: here are some statements from survivors of the cult who have come forward. Many other victims are anonymous Jane/John Does or use only their first names. Please keep that in mind]
2:02AM Susan Dones tweets:
Having a hard time sleeping, but really need it, long week Flew into NYC today to speak at #KeithRaniere sentencing I know a lot of ExNx can't or don't want to be at this historic event. Know I stand strong & carry you all in my heart as speak to the 😈 man What's that? LIFE....
5:39AM Mark Vicente tweets
Today prisoner 57005-177 will be sentenced. For us recent whistleblowers, this has been over three years in the making. For those who came before us, DECADES. We stand on the shoulders of many brave women who tried so hard to warn everyone. Thank you!
7:32AM Ivy Nevares: "My victim impact statement addendum on Keith Raniere"
Raniere stole nearly 17 years of my life and labor. He took credit for the work I did and the skills I built during his nearly 11-year absence in our relationship, as he shunned me for an “ethical breach” I supposedly committed against him. Initially, the “breach” was raising questions about Raniere’s conduct and promiscuity, then it morphed into my gaining weight, then it became something no one could define. A solution is impossible if a problem cannot be defined. Through these imaginary infractions, Raniere directed most of the community to shun me, making me a pariah until I figured out the impossible task of remedying the “breach.”
An ever-moving target, these “ethical breaches” kept me in a perpetual state of indebtedness and, as hard as I tried, no remedy was ever enough. Raniere and his women used “breaches” to enforce and justify their crimes and abuses. I was not alone in this, but I am the person he penalized and marginalized the longest in NXIVM’s history.
[Ed note: Here are a couple messages from the Albany press corps, some of whom hit the road early to get to the courthouse. Show some love to the Capital Region reporters who had to do a lot of travel to cover both the story and the local reaction from the Clifton Park area.]
5:00AM Democrat & Chronicle**: "NXIVM founder Keith Raniere faces possible life sentence Tuesday" by** Jon Campbell
Raniere, who spent much of his youth in Suffern, Rockland County, continues to have a series of devoted followers, including many who wrote letters to Garaufis in support of him.
Among them were Nicki Clyne, an actor known for her role in the Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica series, who submitted an affidavit in support of Raniere's bid for a new trial, which Garaufis rejected last week.
Raniere's sentencing is scheduled to begin Tuesday morning and last for much of the day, as several of his victims plan to deliver statements to the judge.
5:56AM Giuliana Bruno of WTEN tweets from the road:
On the road dark and early this morning. Headed from Albany to Brooklyn for Keith Raniere’s sentencing. I know a lot of you will be interested in this, so I’ll start a thread of some background & recent developments to get you ready for the day. @WTEN
6:47AM Jaclyn Cangro of Spectrum News Albany tweets from Brooklyn:
Good morning from Brooklyn.
#NXIVM co-founder Keith Raniere will be sentenced here this morning.
He faces life in prison.
7:01AM Albany Times-Union: "NXIVM founder Keith Raniere faces sentencing Tuesday" by Robert Gavin
At least eight victims are expected to deliver statements to the judge, including a Mexican woman, now 30, whom Raniere began a sexual relationship with when she was 15. In November 2005, Raniere took photos of the girl, which led to his conviction of a racketeering act of possessing child pornography.
[Ed Note: Here's coverage from national-level media]
CourtTV (on YouTube today): NXIVM 'sex cult' leader Keith Raniere learns his fate
?:??AM Associated Press: "Long prison stint looms for defiant self-help guru" by Tom Hays & Larry Neumeister
6:39AM CNN: "Nxivm founder could be sentenced to life today. A teen victim's father and others are lined up in his defense" by Sonia Moghe
Jurors heard testimony about Raniere grooming the girl, whom CNN is not naming, and having sex with her. Her sister, who was identified only as Daniela during the trial, testified that after she found out Raniere was having sex with her sister, he told her, "... there were some women -- girls -- that were more emotionally mature than others."
In his affidavit ahead of Raniere's sentencing, the girl's father describes Raniere as, "Honest, Whole, Brilliant Intelligence, always ready to help, Cheerful and In Love with Humanity."
That victim is now an adult who is expected to attend Raniere's sentencing and "may wish to address the court further," prosecutors said in a court filing.
6:56AM CBS News tweets
The mastermind of the so-called cult #NXIVM Keith Raniere will be sentenced for his crimes today, which include sex-trafficking. Ahead on @CBSThisMorning, @NikkiBattiste speaks to one victim about what she hopes will come out of Raniere's sentencing.
[Ed Note: remaining items will be sorted by time, regardless of source]
7:35AM Jaclyn Cangro tweets
People are already lining up outside of court. Many are members of the #NXIVM Five/@BlindfoldHer. Some are part of various film and documentary crews. When I spoke to the court yesterday, they said they wouldn’t be letting people in early (due to COVID).
8:27AM Giuliana Bruno tweets video from the scene, and the line has lengthened (there are other -proceedings today so it may not all be Raniere related)
I’ll be live outside Federal Court in Brooklyn in about 5 mins. Keith #Raniere, leader of NXIVM, scheduled to be sentenced at 11 AM. @WTEN
8:43AM Jaclyn Cangro tweets
Some of Raniere’s supporters were at his trial, but they were pretty quiet. In recent months, they’ve been showing more support for the #NXIVM leader. It’ll be interesting to see any interactions between people who have left NXIVM and those who still support him.
8:46AM Spanish-language author Juan Vázquez tweets (w. machine translation below)
Ya afuera de la corte @EDNYnews donde hay una fila de gente esperando ingresar a la sentencia de #KeithRaniere líder de la empresa #NXIVM. En algunas horas más información.
Already out of @EDNYnews courthouse where there is a line of people waiting to enter the sentence of #KeithRaniere company leader #NXIVM. More information in a few hours.
9:06AM J.T. Fetch tweets:
#NXIVM: Good morning from outside Brooklyn Federal court. Waiting in line to head inside for #KeithRaniere's sentencing at 11am. Social distancing is in effect & masks are being worn due to #COVID19. @CBS6Albany
9:26AM Fetch tweets:
#NXIVM just saw Paul DerOhannesian, one of #KeithRaniere's defense attorneys entering the courthouse @CBS6Albany
9:38AM Juan Vázquez tweets (w. machine translation below)
Llegada de la grandiosa Barbara Bouchey a la corte. Su historia a detalle en mi libro *#*NXIVM la Secta que Sedujo al poder en México, publicado por @megustaleermex @TheVowHBO #Raniere #Sentencia
The grand arrival of Barbara Bouchey to court. Her story in detail is my book *#*NXIVM the Sect That Seduced Power in Mexico, published by @megustaleermex @TheVowHBO #Raniere #Sentencia
[Ed note: it's close to the 11AM start-time. I am sticking to aggregating coverage from Twitter and other sources, which will only be sporadic during the actual proceeding due to a blanket ban on devices in the courthouse. I would expect a recess to be called in the mid-late afternoon at which point there will be an update as to who has spoken.]
11:11AM Ryan Parker (of The Hollywood Reporter) tweets:
Wow. Per Keith Raniere sentencing: "Two overflow courtrooms and the cafeteria are full and public/media are not being allowed into the courthouse at this point," court official says.
11:16AM, ibid
They may open yet another courtroom for overflow, official says.
11:54AM Ayla Ferrone tweets (away from the courthouse):
Getting some intel on who will give victim impact statements today. Spoke with @ToniNatalie1017 this morning who is there in person, @catoxenberg says her daughter India is there in person as well. @sarahjedmondson tells me she sent a video statement. #NXIVM @WTEN
12:05PM Reuters: "NXIVM leader Keith Raniere faces possible life in prison at sentencing hearing in New York" by Brandon Pierson
12:15PM Frank Parlato's blog (you know how to search for it) states that Camila has spoken. Awaiting corroboration elsewhere.
❗1:00PM NY Times: "Victim Describes Abuse by Keith Raniere, Leader of Nxivm Sex Cult" by Nicole Hong
Her voice trembling, the witness, identified only as Camila, recalled on Tuesday the precise date that she was sexually abused by Keith Raniere, the leader of a self-improvement company called Nxivm that prosecutors described as a sex cult.
It was Sept. 18, 2005, she said in her victim statement. She was 15, and he was 46. He insisted, she said, that they both recognize the date as their anniversary.
The relationship lasted 12 years, Camila said, with Mr. Raniere repeatedly summoning her, sexually abusing her and taking nude pictures of her. She said she attempted suicide once.
“He wanted me to believe that my only value came from how he felt about me,” said Camila, who was the first victim speak at Mr. Raniere’s sentencing hearing. “It has taken a long time to process the trauma he caused.”
[…] Camila said on Tuesday that Mr. Raniere had “damaged me in so many ways,” and that she had to have an abortion “at his direction.”
❗1:14PM NY Post: "Keith Raniere’s first sex slave breaks her silence about Nxivm’s ‘monster'" By Lorena Mongelli and Kate Sheehy
“He screwed with my mind for so long,’’ said the woman, Camila, during victim-impact statements before Raniere’s sentencing in federal court on charges including sex-trafficking and racketeering.
“It is difficult for me to utter his name, so I will only refer to him as ‘he,’” […]
“I can still hear his voice in my head — it continues to be a daily struggle.’’
Camila said she met the lecherous leader at age 13 — and “from the start, I could not feel comfortable around him,’’ but others pushed her toward him. […]
“He told me to keep it a secret, and he would ask me to sneak out of the home to meet in a place where we were isolated from everyone,’’ Camila told the court.
“He took naked pictures of me — the experience of being photographed is seared in my memory,’’ said the woman — whose porn victimization led prosecutors to charge Raniere with child pornography.
She said Raniere branded her with his initials, as he did several other women, but “to brand someone you allegedly care for is never normal.”
She said the creepy convict, who liked to chow down on pizza and cake — but keep his stable of sex slaves rail-thin — criticized her about her weight to the point where she developed an eating disorder.
“I’m 5’5. His goal for me was to weigh 100 pounds or less,’’ Camila said.
“He robbed me of my youth,’’ the woman said. “He used my innocence to do whatever he wanted with me.
“It has taken a long time for me to begin to process the trauma he caused,’’ the victim said.
“Today, I still have trouble identifying the line between a normal relationship and an abusive one.’’
But “I learned that survival is instinctive even in the most twisted circumstances.”
1:26PM Daily Beast: "NXIVM Victims Confront Sex-Cult Leader Keith Raniere: ‘Nothing Noble About Abusing a Child’ by Pilar Melendez
Sarah Edmondson, a former top recruit in NXIVM who was one of the original whistleblowers against the organization, also addressed the court via video. Speaking directly to Raniere, she slammed the cult leader for being a “liar, parasite, and a grifter” who manipulated people seeking personal growth.
“In a curriculum that focused on personal growth—you have taken none,” she said. The 43-year-old, who was part of a secret group forced to have Raniere’s initials branded on them, said she removed the marking with plastic surgery.
1:48PM Pilar Melendez tweets
“I will be the victim of Keith Ranieres for the rest of my life—but I don’t need to act like one,” India Oxenberg told the court during #KeithRaniere's sentencing today.
"We will always have predators. But this is about taking one predator from the streets and that means something. That moves the needle," Nicole, a former NXIVM member who testified during Raniere's trial, said today.
Read more about Nicole here:
[2:25PM Ed Note: There is a recess and several journalists who were inside are recapping. I will post threads below. Apparently all victim-impact statements have been made, and all that remains is for Raniere and/or his lawyers to speak]
Picking out recaps of note:
Jaclyn Cangro:
Four members of the Mexican family broken by Raniere spoke. Middle daughter confined to a room: “I survived not b/c you were merciful. Because I was resilient” The youngest, who had sex with Raniere at 15: “Survival is instinctive, even in the most extreme circumstances” #NXIVM
Brother: “Chaos follows Keith wherever he goes” Mother: If Raniere could feel what he did to her family “you would fall to your knees and ask for forgiveness.” The oldest daughter and father remain loyal to Raniere. #NXIVM
Giuliana Bruno:
I talked to @bjbouchey while we waited in the security checkpoint heading into court. She said she felt more “at peace” heading into today than she did for Bronfman’s sentencing, adding that her relationship with Keith was “different.”
Jaclyn Cangro (h/t u/swissmiss_76**)**
A number of the people who spoke brought up they have thought of suicide. The most emotional person was Kristin Keefe, who has a son with Raniere. “I can never get back the 20 years he’s subjected me to.” She is still trying to work out a child support agreement #NXIVM
Ayla Ferrone (h/t u/sly_boots)
Just spoke with @GiulianaBrunoTV on her break. She tells me they have wrapped up victim impact statements and are moving on to hear from the prosecution and defense. #NXIVM
3:20PM I'm at the EDNY entrance where there's an incredibly large number of news cameras assembled. Frank Parlato is holding his own miniature press conference with a few reporters.
4:05PM Reporters are beginning to take up tactical positions, possibly in anticipation of a sentence announcement.
(Keep in mind that the court usually comes to a halt between 4-5PM, and the local evening news crews (the largest camera contingent) will want to be ready for live shots.)


@EDNYNews: Nxivm founder and leader Keith Raniere sentenced to 120 years in prison.

In addition, Raniere has been assessed a $1,750,000 fine, per Pilar Melendez on Twitter
As u/Trisolaran_arbitrage notes, Pilar Melendez (and Jaclyn Cangro) note that terms of Raniere's sentence include no contact with members of NXIVM. I believe this will require a close reading of Judge Garaufis's ruling, as there are possible issues involving the mother of Raniere's child.
Several persons have reported Raniere engaged in some strange incredible double-talk during his address to the judge. Robert Gavin noted the following:
  • Keith Raniere professed his innocence in court, claimed the victims were lying in their statements and then said he was “deeply remorseful.” Raniere: “I am truly sorry. It’s still painful.”
  • Keith Raniere said not to blame codefendants Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfnan, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack,calls them “good souls.”
  • He also dropped in that he knows Mack cooperated with the prosecution.
About the Sentence
Judge Garaufis has filed his own Sentencing Memorandum. This may clarify how the 120 year sentence was imposed. There are also extracts of victim statements that have not made it into the roundup.
But of particular note, the $1.75 million fine imposed on Raniere will result in a lien placed on the estate of the late Pamela Cafritz, Raniere's girlfriend from whom he is believed to have inherited a substantial sum. Cafritz has been accused of acting as Raniere's madam and co-conspirator, so perhaps some justice is being done beyond the grave here.
Last item: Mr. Raniere in the dock
Here is the courtroom artist's sketch of India Oxenberg giving her testimony about Keith Raniere, who was dressed in his prison jumpsuit. It may be the last depiction of Raniere we get for a while.
submitted by incorruptible_bk to theNXIVMcase [link] [comments]

2020.10.26 18:46 EugeneBYMCMB /r/Scams Common Scam Master Post

Hello visitors and subscribers of scams! Here you will find a master list of common (and uncommon) scams that you may encounter online or in real life. Thank you to the many contributors who helped create this thread!

If you know of a scam that is not covered here, write a comment and it will be added to the next edition.

Previous threads:
Blackmail email scam thread:
Some of these articles are from small, local publications and refer to the scam happening in a specific area. Do not think that this means that the scam won't happen in your area.


Caller ID spoofing
It is very easy for anyone to make a phone call while having any number show up on the caller ID of the person receiving the phone call. Receiving a phone call from a certain number does not mean that the person/company who owns that number has actually called you.
Email spoofing
The "from" field of an email can be set by the sender, meaning that you can receive scam emails that look like they are from legitimate addresses. It's important to never click links in emails unless absolutely necessary, for example a password reset link you requested or an account activation link for an account you created.
SMS spoofing
SMS messages can be spoofed, so be wary of messages that seem to be from your friends or other trusted people.

The most common scams

The fake check scam (Credit to nimble2 for this part)
The fake check scam arises from many different situations (for instance, you applied for a job, or you are selling something on a place like Craigslist, or someone wants to purchase goods or services from your business, or you were offered a job as a mystery shopper, you were asked to wrap your car with an advertisement, or you received a check in the mail for no reason), but the bottom line is always something like this:
General fraudulent funds scams If somebody is asking you to accept and send out money as a favour or as part of a job, it is a fraudulent funds scam. It does not matter how they pay you, any payment on any service can be fraudulent and will be reversed when it is discovered to be fraudulent.
Phone verification code scams Someone will ask you to receive a verification text and then tell you to give them the code. Usually the code will come from Google Voice, or from Craigslist. In the Google version of the scam, your phone number will be used to verify a Google Voice account that the scammer will use to scam people with. In the Craigslist version of the scam, your phone number will be used to verify a Craigslist posting that the scammer will use to scam people. There is also an account takeover version of this scam that will involve the scammer sending a password reset token to your phone number and asking you for it.
Bitcoin job scams
Bitcoin job scams involve some sort of fraudulent funds transfer, usually a fake check although a fraudulent bank transfer can be used as well. The scammer will send you the fraudulent money and ask you to purchase bitcoins. This is a scam, and you will have zero recourse after you send the scammer bitcoins.
Email flooding
If you suddenly receive hundreds or thousands of spam emails, usually subscription confirmations, it's very likely that one of your online accounts has been taken over and is being used fraudulently. You should check any of your accounts that has a credit card linked to it, preferably from a computer other than the one you normally use. You should change all of your passwords to unique passwords and you should start using two factor authentication everywhere.
Cartel scam
You will be threatened by scammers who claim to be affiliated with a cartel. They may send you gory pictures and threaten your life and the lives of your family. Usually the victim will have attempted to contact an escort prior to the scam, but sometimes the scammers target people randomly. If you are targeted by a cartel scam all you need to do is ignore the scammers as their threats are clearly empty.
Boss/CEO scam A scammer will impersonate your boss or someone who works at your company and will ask you to run an errand for them, which will usually be purchasing gift cards and sending them the code. Once the scammer has the code, you have no recourse.
Employment certification scams
You will receive a job offer that is dependent on you completing a course or receiving a certification from a company the scammer tells you about. The scammer operates both websites and the job does not exist.
Craigslist fake payment scams
Scammers will ask you about your item that you have listed for sale on a site like Craigslist, and will ask to pay you via Paypal. They are scamming you, and the payment in most cases does not actually exist, the email you received was sent by the scammers. In cases where you have received a payment, the scammer can dispute the payment or the payment may be entirely fraudulent. The scammer will then either try to get you to send money to them using the fake funds that they did not send to you, or will ask you to ship the item, usually to a re-shipping facility or a parcel mule.
Craigslist Carfax/vehicle history scam
You'll encounter a scammer on Craigslist who wants to buy the vehicle you have listed, but they will ask for a VIN report from a random site that they have created and they will expect you to pay for it.
Double dip/recovery scammers
This is a scam aimed at people who have already fallen for a scam previously. Scammers will reach out to the victim and claim to be able to help the victim recover funds they lost in the scam.
General fraudulent funds scams The fake check scam is not the only scam that involves accepting fraudulent/fake funds and purchasing items for scammers. If your job or opportunity involves accepting money and then using that money, it is almost certainly a frauduent funds scam. Even if the payment is through a bank transfer, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Interac e-Transfer, etc, it does not matter.
Credit card debt scam
Fraudsters will offer to pay off your bills, and will do so with fraudulent funds. Sometimes it will be your credit card bill, but it can be any bill that can be paid online. Once they pay it off, they will ask you to send them money or purchase items for them. The fraudulent transaction will be reversed in the future and you will never be able to keep the money. This scam happens on sites like Craigslist, Twitter, Instagram, and also some dating sites, including SeekingArrangement.
The parcel mule scam
A scammer will contact you with a job opportunity that involves accepting and reshipping packages. The packages are either stolen or fraudulently obtained items, and you will not be paid by the scammer. Here is a news article about a scam victim who fell for this scam and reshipped over 20 packages containing fraudulently acquired goods.
The Skype sex scam
You're on Facebook and you get a friend request from a cute girl you've never met. She wants to start sexting and trading nudes. She'll ask you to send pictures or videos or get on webcam where she can see you naked with your face in the picture. The scam: There's no girl. You've sent nudes to a guy pretending to be a girl. As soon as he has the pictures he'll demand money and threaten to send the pictures to your friends and family. Sometimes the scammer will upload the video to a porn site or Youtube to show that they are serious.
What to do if you are a victim of this scam: You cannot buy silence, you can only rent it. Paying the blackmailer will show them that the information they have is valuable and they will come after you for more money. Let your friends and family know that you were scammed and tell them to ignore friend requests or messages from people they don't know. Also, make sure your privacy settings are locked down and consider deactivating your account.
The underage girl scam
You're on a dating site or app and you get contacted by a cute girl. She wants to start sexting and trading nudes. Eventually she stops communicating and you get a call from a pissed off guy claiming to be the girl's father, or a police officer, or a private investigator, or something else along those lines. Turns out the girl you were sexting is underage, and her parents want some money for various reasons, such as to pay for a new phone, to pay for therapy, etc. There is, of course, no girl. You were communicating with a scammer.
What to do if you are a victim of this scam: Stop picking up the phone when the scammers call. Do not pay them, or they will be after you for more money.
Phishing is when a scammer tries to trick you into giving information to them, such as your password or private financial information. Phishing messages will usually look very similar to official messages, and sometimes they are identical. If you are ever required to login to a different account in order to use a service, you should be incredibly cautious.
The blackmail email scam part 5:
PSA: you did not win a giftcard:
Sugar scams
Sugar scammers operate all over the internet and usually come in two varieties: advance-fee scams where the scammer will ask for a payment from you before sending you lots of money, and fake check style scams where the scammer will either pull a classic fake check scam, or will do a "bill pay" style scam that involves them paying your bills, or them giving you banking information to pay your bills. If you encounter these scammers, report their accounts and move on.
Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts is a messaging platform used extensively by all kinds of scammers. If you are talking with someone online and they want you to switch to Hangouts, they are likely a scammer and you should proceed with caution.
Publishers Clearing House scams
PCH scams are often advance-fee scams, where you will be promised lots of money after you make an initial payment. You will never need to pay if you win money from the real PCH.
Pet scams
You are looking for a specific breed of puppy, bird, or other pet. You come across a nice-looking website that claims to be breeding them and has some available right now - they may even be on sale! The breeders are not local to your area (and may not even list a physical location) but they assure you they can safely ship the pet to you after a deposit or full payment. If you go through with the payment, you will likely be contacted by the "shipper" who will inform you about an unexpected shipping/customs/processing fee required to deliver your new pet. But there was never any pet, both the "breeder" and the "shipper" are scammers, typically operating out of Africa. These sites are rampant and account for a large percentage of online pet seller websites - they typically have a similar layout/template (screenshot - example)
If you are considering buying a pet online, some easy things to check are: (1) The registration date of the domain (if it was created recently it is likely a scam website) (2) Reverse image search the pictures of available pets - you will usually find other scam websites using the same photos. (3) Copy a sentence/section of the text from the "about us" page and put it into google (in quotes) - these scammers often copy large parts of their website's text from other places. (4) Search for the domain name and look for entries on or other scam-tracking sites. (5) Strongly consider buying/adopting your pet from a local shelter or breeder where you can see the animal in person before putting any money down.
Thanks to djscsi for this entry.
Fake shipping company scams
These scams usually start when you try to buy something illegal online. You will be scammed for the initial payment, and then you will receive an email from the fake shipping company telling you that you need to pay them some sort of fee or bribe. If you pay this, they will keep trying to scam you with increasingly absurd stories until you stop paying, at which point they will blackmail you. If you are involved in this scam, all you can do is ignore the scammers and move on, and try to dispute your payments if possible.
Chinese Upwork scam
Someone will ask you to create an Upwork or other freelancer site account for them and will offer money in return. You will not be paid, and they want to use the accounts to scam people.
Quickbooks invoice scam
This is a fake check style scam that takes advantage of Quickbooks.
The blackmail email scam The exact wording of the emails varies, but there are generally four main parts. They claim to have placed software/malware on a porn/adult video site, they claim to have a video of you masturbating or watching porn, they threaten to release the video to your friends/family/loved ones/boss/dog, and they demand that you pay them in order for them to delete the video. Rest assured that this is a very common spam campaign and there is no truth behind the email or the threats. Here are some news articles about this scam.
The blackmail mail scam
This is very similar to the blackmail email scam, but you will receive a letter in the mail.
Rental scams Usually on local sites like Craigslist, scammers will steal photos from legitimate real estate listings and will list them for rent at or below market rate. They will generally be hesitant to tell you the address of the property for "safety reasons" and you will not be able to see the unit. They will then ask you to pay them a deposit and they claim they will ship you the keys. In reality, your money is gone and you will have no recourse.
Craigslist vehicle scams A scammer will list a vehicle on Craigslist and will offer to ship you the car. In many cases they will also falsely claim to sell you the car through eBay or Amazon. If you are looking for a car on Craigslist and the seller says anything about shipping the car, having an agent, gives you a long story about why they are selling the car, or the listing price is far too low, you are talking to a scammer and you should ignore and move on.
Advance-fee scam, also known as the 419 scam, or the Nigerian prince scam. You will receive a communication from someone who claims that you are entitled to a large sum of money, or you can help them obtain a large sum of money. However, they will need money from you before you receive the large sum.
Man in the middle scams
Man in the middle scams are very common and very hard to detect. The scammer will impersonate a company or person you are legitimately doing business with, and they will ask you to send the money to one of their own bank accounts or one controlled by a money mule. They have gained access to the legitimate persons email address, so there will be nothing suspicious about the email. To prevent this, make contact in a different way that lets you verify that the person you are talking to is the person you think you are talking to.
Digit wallet scam
A variation of the fake check scam, the scammer sends you money through a digital wallet (i.e. Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle, Cash App) along with a message claiming they've sent the money to the wrong person and a request to send the money back. Customer service for these digital wallets may even suggest that you send the money back. However, the money sent is from a stolen credit card and will be removed from your account after a few days. Your transfer is not reversed since it came from your own funds.
Cam girl voting/viewer scam
You will encounter a "cam girl" on a dating/messaging/social media/whatever site/app, and the scammer will ask you to go to their site and sign up with your credit card. They may offer a free show, or ask you to vote for them, or any number of other fake stories.
Amateur porn recruitment scam
You will encounter a "pornstar" on a dating/messaging/social media/whatever site/app, and the scammer will ask you to create an adult film with hehim, but first you need to do something. The story here is usually something to do with verifying your age, or you needing to take an STD test that involves sending money to a site operated by the scammer.
Hot girl SMS spam
You receive a text from a random number with a message along the lines of "Hey babe I'm here in town again if you wanted to meet up this time, are you around?" accompanied by a NSFW picture of a hot girl. It's spam, and they'll direct you to their scam website that requires a credit card.
Identity verification scam
You will encounter someone on a dating/messaging/social media/whatever site/app, and the scammer will ask that you verify your identity as they are worried about catfishing. The scammer operates the site, and you are not talking to whoever you think you are talking to.
This type of scam teases you with something, then tries to make you sign up for something else that costs money. The company involved is often innocent, but they turn a blind eye to the practice as it helps their bottom line, even if they have to occasionally issue refunds. A common variation takes place on dating sites/dating apps, where you will match with someone who claims to be a camgirl who wants you to sign up for a site and vote for her. Another variation takes place on local sites like Craigslist, where the scammers setup fake rental scams and demand that you go through a specific service for a credit check. Once you go through with it, the scammer will stop talking to you. Another variation also takes place on local sites like Craigslist, where scammers will contact you while you are selling a car and will ask you to purchase a Carfax-like report from a specific website.
Multi Level Marketing or Affiliate Marketing
You apply for a vague job listing for 'sales' on craigslist. Or maybe an old friend from high school adds you on Facebook and says they have an amazing business opportunity for you. Or maybe the well dressed guy who's always interviewing people in the Starbucks that you work at asks if you really want to be slinging coffee the rest of your life. The scam: MLMs are little more than pyramid schemes. They involve buying some sort of product (usually snake oil health products like body wraps or supplements) and shilling them to your friends and family. They claim that the really money is recruiting people underneath you who give you a slice of whatever they sell. And if those people underneath you recruit more people, you get a piece of their sales. Ideally if you big enough pyramid underneath you the money will roll in without any work on your part. Failure to see any profit will be your fault for not "wanting it enough." The companies will claim that you need to buy their extra training modules or webinars to really start selling. But in reality, the vast majority of people who buy into a MLM won't see a cent. At the end of the day all you'll be doing is annoying your friends and family with your constant recruitment efforts. What to look out for: Recruiters love to be vague. They won't tell you the name of the company or what exactly the job will entail. They'll pump you up with promises of "self-generating income", "being your own boss", and "owning your own company." They might ask you to read books about success and entrepreneurs. They're hoping you buy into the dream first. If you get approached via social media, check their timelines. MLMs will often instruct their victims to pretend that they've already made it. They'll constantly post about how they're hustling and making the big bucks and linking to youtube videos about success. Again, all very vague about what their job actually entails. If you think you're being recruited: Ask them what exactly the job is. If they can't answer its probably a MLM. Just walk away.

Phone scams

You should generally avoid answering or engaging with random phone calls. Picking up and engaging with a scam call tells the scammers that your phone number is active, and will usually lead to more calls.
Tax Call
You get a call from somebody claiming to be from your countries tax agency. They say you have unpaid taxes that need to be paid immediately, and you may be arrested or have other legal action taken against you if it is not paid. This scam has caused the American IRS, Canadian CRA, British HMRC, and Australian Tax Office to issue warnings. This scam happens in a wide variety of countries all over the world.
Warrant Call
Very similar to the tax call. You'll get a phone call from an "agent", "officer", "sheriff", or other law enforcement officer claiming that there is a warrant out for your arrest and you will be arrested very soon. They will then offer to settle everything for a fee, usually paid in giftcards.
[Legal Documents/Process Server Calls]
Very similar to the warrant call. You'll get a phone call from a scammer claiming that they are going to serve you legal documents, and they will threaten you with legal consequences if you refuse to comply. They may call themselves "investigators", and will sometimes give you a fake case number.
Student Loan Forgiveness Scam
Scammers will call you and tell you about a student loan forgiveness program, but they are interested in obtaining private information about you or demanding money in order to join the fake program.
Tech Support Call You receive a call from someone with a heavy accent claiming to be a technician Microsoft or your ISP. They inform you that your PC has a virus and your online banking and other accounts may be compromised if the virus is not removed. They'll have you type in commands and view diagnostics on your PC which shows proof of the virus. Then they'll have you install remote support software so the technician can work on your PC, remove the virus, and install security software. The cost of the labor and software can be hundreds of dollars. The scam: There's no virus. The technician isn't a technician and does not work for Microsoft or your ISP. Scammers (primarily out of India) use autodialers to cold-call everyone in the US. Any file they point out to you or command they have you run is completely benign. The software they sell you is either freeware or ineffective. What to do you if you're involved with this scam: If the scammers are remotely on your computer as you read this, turn off your PC or laptop via the power button immediately, and then if possible unplug your internet connection. Some of the more vindictive tech scammers have been known to create boot passwords on your computer if they think you've become wise to them and aren't going to pay up. Hang up on the scammers, block the number, and ignore any threats about payment. Performing a system restore on your PC is usually all that is required to remove the scammer's common remote access software. Reports of identity theft from fake tech calls are uncommon, but it would still be a good idea to change your passwords for online banking and monitor your accounts for any possible fraud. How to avoid: Ignore any calls claiming that your PC has a virus. Microsoft will never contact you. If you're unsure if a call claiming to be from your ISP is legit, hang up, and then dial the customer support number listed on a recent bill. If you have elderly relatives or family that isn't tech savvy, take the time to fill them in on this scam.
Chinese government scam
This scam is aimed at Chinese people living in Europe and North America, and involves a voicemail from someone claiming to be associated with the Chinese government, usually through the Chinese consulate/embassy, who is threatening legal action or making general threats.
Chinese shipping scam
This scam is similar to the Chinese government scam, but involves a seized/suspicious package, and the scammers will connect the victim to other scammers posing as Chinese government investigators.
Social security suspension scam
You will receive a call from someone claiming to work for the government regarding suspicious activity, fraud, or serious crimes connected to your social security number. You'll be asked to speak to an operator and the operator will explain the steps you need to follow in order to fix the problems. It's all a scam, and will lead to you losing money and could lead to identity theft if you give them private financial information.
Utilities cutoff
You get a call from someone who claims that they are from your utility company, and they claim that your utilities will be shut off unless you immediately pay. The scammer will usually ask for payment via gift cards, although they may ask for payment in other ways, such as Western Union or bitcoin.
Relative in custody Scammer claims to be the police, and they have your son/daughtenephew/estranged twin in custody. You need to post bail (for some reason in iTunes gift cards or MoneyGram) immediately or the consequences will never be the same.
Mexican family scam
This scam comes in many different flavours, but always involves someone in your family and Mexico. Sometimes the scammer will claim that your family member has been detained, sometimes the scammer will claim that your family member has been kidnapped, and sometimes the scammer will claim that your family member is injured and needs help.
General family scams
Scammers will gather a large amount of information about you and target your family members using different stories with the goal of gettimg them to send money.
One ring scam
Scammers will call you from an international number with the goal of getting you to return their call, causing you to incur expensive calling fees.

Online shopping scams

THE GOLDEN RULE OF ONLINE SHOPPING: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
An ad on reddit or social media sites like Facebook and Instagram offers items at huge discounts or even free (sometimes requiring you to reblog or like their page). They just ask you to pay shipping. The scam: The item will turn out to be very low quality and will take weeks or even months to arrive. Sometimes the item never arrives, and the store disappears or stops responding. The seller drop-ships the item from China. The item may only cost a few dollars, and the Chinese government actually pays for the shipping. You end up paying $10-$15 dollars for a $4 item, with the scammer keeping the profit. If you find one of these scams but really have your heart set on the item, you can find it on AliExpress or another Chinese retailer.
Influencer scams
A user will reach out to you on a social media platform, usually Instagram, and offer you the chance to partner with them and receive a free/discounted product, as long as you pay shipping. This is a different version of the dropshipping scam, and is just a marketing technique to get you to buy their products.
Triangulation fraud
Triangulation fraud occurs when you make a purchase on a site like Amazon or eBay for an item at a lower than market price, and receive an item that was clearly purchased new at full price. The scammer uses a stolen credit card to order your item, while the money from the listing is almost all profit for the scammer.
Instagram influencer scams
Someone will message you on Instagram asking you to promote their products, and offering you a discount code. The items are Chinese junk, and the offer is made to many people at a time.
Cheap Items
Many websites pop up and offer expensive products, including electronics, clothes, watches, sunglasses, and shoes at very low prices. The scam: Some sites are selling cheap knock-offs. Some will just take your money and run. What to do if you think you're involved with this scam: Contact your bank or credit card and dispute the charge. How to avoid: The sites often have every brand-name shoe or fashion item (Air Jordan, Yeezy, Gucci, etc) in stock and often at a discounted price. The site will claim to be an outlet for a major brand or even a specific line or item. The site will have images at the bottom claiming to be Secured by Norton or various official payment processors but not actual links. The site will have poor grammar and a mish-mash of categories. Recently, established websites will get hacked or their domain name jacked and turned into scam stores, meaning the domain name of the store will be completely unrelated to the items they're selling. If the deal sounds too good to be true it probably is. Nobody is offering brand new iPhones or Beats or Nintendo Switches for 75% off.
Cheap Amazon 3rd Party Items
You're on Amazon or maybe just Googling for an item and you see it for an unbelievable price from a third-party seller. You know Amazon has your back so you order it. The scam: One of three things usually happen: 1) The seller marks the items as shipped and sends a fake tracking number. Amazon releases the funds to the seller, and the seller disappears. Amazon ultimately refunds your money. 2) The seller immediately cancels the order and instructs you to re-order the item directly from their website, usually with the guarantee that the order is still protected by Amazon. The seller takes your money and runs. Amazon informs you that they do not offer protection on items sold outside of Amazon and cannot help you. 2) The seller immediately cancels the order and instructs you to instead send payment via an unused Amazon gift card by sending the code on the back via email. Once the seller uses the code, the money on the card is gone and cannot be refunded. How to avoid: These scammers can be identified by looking at their Amazon storefronts. They'll be brand new sellers offering a wide range of items at unbelievable prices. Usually their Amazon names will be gibberish, or a variation on FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME. Occasionally however, established storefronts will be hacked. If the deal is too good to be true its most likely a scam.
Scams on eBay
There are scams on eBay targeting both buyers and sellers. As a seller, you should look out for people who privately message you regarding the order, especially if they ask you to ship to a different address or ask to negotiate via text/email/a messaging service. As a buyer you should look out for new accounts selling in-demand items, established accounts selling in-demand items that they have no previous connection to (you can check their feedback history for a general idea of what they bought/sold in the past), and lookout for people who ask you to go off eBay and use another service to complete the transaction. In many cases you will receive a fake tracking number and your money will be help up for up to a month.
Scams on Amazon
There are scams on Amazon targeting both buyers and sellers. As a seller, you should look out for people who message you about a listing. As a buyer you should look out for listings that have an email address for you to contact the person to complete the transaction, and you should look out for cheap listings of in-demand items.
Scams on Reddit
Reddit accounts are frequently purchased and sold by fraudsters who wish to use the high karma count + the age of the account to scam people on buy/sell subreddits. You need to take precautions and be safe whenever you are making a transaction online.
Computer scams
Virus scam
A popup or other ad will say that you have a virus and you need to follow their advice in order to remove it. They are lying, and either want you to install malware or pay for their software.

Assorted scams

Chinese Brushing / direct shipping
If you have ever received an unsolicited small package from China, your address was used to brush. Vendors place fake orders for their own products and send out the orders so that they can increase their ratings.
Money flipping
Scammer claims to be a banking insider who can double/triple/bazoople any amount of money you send them, with no consequences of any kind. Obviously, the money disappears into their wallet the moment you send it.

General resources

Site to report scams in the United Kingdom:
Site to report scams in the United States:
Site to report scams in Canada:
Site to report scams in Europe:
FTC scam alerts:
Microsoft's anti-scam guide:
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2020.10.26 15:26 ContaminatedJoy What should I do here? I really wanna see her again.

Im 15 years old and I have a girlfriend who lives nearby. She wants to see me, but i can’t. I have super strict parents. I can’t have a girlfriend, but I do. It’s basically long distance, but we live 10 minutes away from each other. I love her a ton, but I want her to be happy with someone who she can see. I’m Mexican, so my parents are very strict on where I can go. I can’t go to houses and for that case, not even the slightest chance because of Covid. I can go to friends parties, pre-Covid. I can’t have a girlfriend apparently because I have to “focus on my studies” only problem is, I’ve been dating girls since I was 13. At 13, I had great grades. I still do. Im a straight A student, on track for college, obedient, organized, responsible, and efficient, but I don’t get to have a girl. Idk, kinda tricky. I can’t visit a girl unless I go to my dads and I ask him to take me to her house, but I haven’t done that yet. Although my dad would do it, not so much my mom. She still sees me as a baby and I hate it. I appreciate her help and love, but I’m growing up, and she may be scared of it. Basically, I just want to be able to see my gf and be able to have the freedoms other teens do. I work hard, so I think I should be rewarded with the freedoms of a teen. I’m 15, I don’t understand why not. What did I do wrong?
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2020.10.26 10:57 tjaylea There are 5 inmates on death row in a secret prison and I've been tasked with eating their sins. Envy eats nothing, but its own heart.

To say it’s been a rough 48 hours would be a gross understatement. And I do mean gross.
My body did not react to the food very well and as I stared down at the now empty bowl, my world grew hazy and my body became limp as toxic shock overcame me.
For a while, I simply floated in the stygian void between worlds. I saw very little save for flashes of bioluminescent colours, beautiful patterns that raced past my eyes and bore into my skull, pushing the endorphins out to my aching limbs. I could hear voices off in the distance, but I was so high above it all that it mattered very little.
As I concentrated, shapes would convalesce and form out of the dredges of darkness. Bountiful planets, beauteous stars and stellar galaxies that appeared far closer than they actually were, each individual strand of its great cosmic arms winking at me in morse code. A greeting? No, a warning.
“S. O. S.”
Something else formed on the fringe of my peripheral vision; a vacuous black hole with an event horizon that spanned the stretch of my view. It was a bright orange hue with a thick, pungent red that pulsated as the hole grew larger, devouring anything that came near it with great expediency.
Then, out of its murky depths, a long arm punctured the blackness. Colossal and pulling itself free as a body began to emerge.
The same spectre that’s plagued me since before I got onto the plane here. It unhinged its jaws and began biting down on a nearby planet, ripping it to pieces with razor teeth and staining its teeth as if the planet were a ripe fruit.
Stretching out its gnarled fingers once more, it clenched a fist around the planet, holding up five fingers with the free hand, the other firmly shut on the crumbled planet as it cackled in such a wicked way that it snapped me from my sleep.
The first thing I felt when I awoke was a pounding sensation in my head. Mainly because as I snapped awake and stood up, my skull collided with The Wardens in a sickening thud.
“ACH! Mein got woman, I was just inspecting you to ensure there was no lasting damage!” He stumbled back, clutching his forehead as I did my own. Nestor rushed in and looked ready for a fight before seeing the state we were in.
“Nelle! You good? You’ve been out for a day and a half… we were getting worried. Warden here said he’d have to pull the plug if you didn’t get up soon.”
The Warden shifted uncomfortably before looking over at me, his lips curling into a half smile as he shrugged playfully.
“What matters now mein freulein is that you’re awake and ready for your next sin. Emarosa was a unique challenge, but one I was confident you could overcome… even if the food was regrettable.” He shivered as our minds were cast back to the plate of meat. Cartwright Family Meat.
“Not your fault. Nobody knows what the food will be until it happens. But no more games from this point on, okay? I want to know what I’m dealing with when I walk in there. Especially after this latest scare.” I stood up and walked towards him, a finger outstretched in an accusatory manner, trying my best to be intimidating against a tall man whose name literally translated to corpse mountain. “Am I clear?”
For a split second, I thought he would do something drastic; maybe strike me where I stood or spit in my face. The expression on his face was nothing short of utter incredulity that someone spoke to him this way. But, in an instant, it snapped to the wild eccentricity he’d shown throughout and he nodded exuberantly.
“Ja, Ja. I think you proved you can handle it. Very well, our next inmate is Prisoner #2122 Ethan Elliot Blaznik III, a 22-year-old programmer who committed a series of kidnappings and torture killings on young men and women in the Washington area. His sin is his own to tell you but I should caution you; this man will use his information against you and try to get a rise out of you. Why? I cannot say. But he has made… comments about you in his request. I suspect he has reasons for you being here beyond the request.”
The Warden went for the door, informing us we had 4 hours to prep and we’d be collected at the appropriate time.
Glancing around the room for anything non-meat related, my eyes stumbled over the open compendium. It sat on a photo of Buck and his entire family. He was younger, his famous beard little more than a stubble on his chiselled jaw as a man barely in his 20s, sporting a more conservative explorers outfit than the one he proudly wears now. Around his sides are two elder brothers; Darius and Johnny, his sister Tara, cousins Porter, Solomon and Brandon. His father Nathaniel stood proudly by him, huge hands resting gently on his shoulders and his wife, Bucks mother Saoirse lovingly nestled in his chest, beaming down at her boy. In front of them all on this proud occasion was the hunting trophy that Buck had claimed as a rite of passage; he’d successfully taken down a wayward Lycanthrope with nothing but his wit and a bowie knife.
Buck hated killing anything without cause, but this was one creature he couldn’t ignore even then. It’d been devouring children who ventured too far from the safety of the village and venturing into forest territory where this intelligent killer would wait. They say when Buck sliced its stomach open, two children spilled out. Neither alive, sadly. It was even here that Buck got his nickname, holding onto the beast as it thrashed around and tried desperately to free itself from his grip, bucking him around as he drove the knife into its ears and eyes repeatedly. Simon would forever cease to be his first name henceforth. “Buck Nasty McGraw” was born on that day.
I smiled, the photo bringing such warmth and comfort after a physically exhausting few days, tracing my hands over it and remembering the good times when we’d first met.
“Hard to believe it was 10 years ago already, ain’t it?” Buck called, passing me a hot drink and sitting next to me as I observed the photo with wistful eyes. “I met you on the very first job I took as a licensed crypto-hunter and cataloguer. You were still in training then with your grandparents, must’ve been a few days shy of 16 when you assisted me in taking down that illusive forest god. You talked to him for what felt like hours to get his sin while I tried to subdue him.”
“And then he reared back, bleated and ran headfirst into a tree, knocking you both out cold. Yes, I remember.” I chuckled, his eyes rolling at the mere mention of his failure as he too began laughing.
“How was I to know he was more goat than god? Still, that was the day I was given one of the most important life lessons I’d carry into our working relationship all these years later.”
I looked to the note left at the bottom of the photo, the one that Buck coveted like it was the most valuable piece of treasure he’d ever owned or would own.
Today, you are my equal. Tomorrow, you will surpass that.
The compendium is now your responsibility and your job to fill.
But promise me, son, you won’t forget the family and will embody our most important trait;
Make as many connections along the way as you can. For our time is fleeting and all cycles must one day repeat.
With all the love in the world,
“What lesson might that be, Buck?” I asked, smiling as he took my hands in his and those hazel eyes shone with pride and admiration.
“That Nelle Lockwood is stronger than I could ever hope to be, and if she can talk a forest god into stupidity, she can beat any sinner or monstrosity this world has to throw at her. And I will support her every goddamn step of the way. I did it when we hit the coma city, I did it when we dealt with the dreamwalker and I will do it until my dying breath.”
I felt weak. Partially from the sentiment and from the lack of actual food over a day and a half. I nodded affirmatively, and he patted my hands before fixing me something to eat after hearing my stomach groan in protest.
“We’re also here, y’know, if you need anything fucking up. That’s our whole modus operandi.”
“RIP AND TEAR. RIP AND TEAR.” Edgar chimed in, mocking Nestors “stop it!” as he tried to silence him, bringing an even bigger smile to my face.
In spite of where I was and how I felt, I was truly blessed.
Even if the image of that fucking creature in my dreams still loomed on the edges of my vision, even now.
When the announcement rang out for us to go towards the visitation area, there was a sense of concern amongst us all that these were going to reach a critical mass point that we would be completely and utterly unable to bounce back from. I know in my case, the pervasive question that lingered in my mind was simple;
How many of these sins could I take before they began to consume every good part of me?
I kept close to the others and tried to keep my mind focused on the job at hand, not the mounting list of concerns I had about this facility, the inhabitants or my own competency. As we passed the gate, I heard soft music coming from the interview room.
“Is that… normal?” I asked the guard. He didn’t look at me once, keeping his gaze firmly on the door handle as he scanned his ID card and waited for the green light.
“For most? No. But for the death row inmates, yes. Some you’ve seen already don’t care for furnishing these little spaces, but Blaznik and the others do. If the music is ever too loud, just get Holden to come out and we’ll instruct him to turn it down. Oh, and uhh… try to keep calm in there. He has a habit of riling people up.”
The machine beeped, and the door swung open to let loose the hard EDM blasting from the inmate’s side. Strobe lighting beamed across the room and a young man, short in stature and muscular on the top half of their frame, the bottom half remarkably skinny and without definition. He was throwing his entire weight behind his arms as he danced around the room, smashing anything in his wake and frequently hitting the same spot on the wall with extreme ferocity; knuckles bashing into concrete as he screeched at the top of his lungs. Something meshed in with the wall, blood and skin on his knuckles as he pulled away, breathing heavily as the song came to an end.
It was a photo of someone; the image faded and crumpled, but the smile of a charming young woman in her late teens/early 20s still shining through.
“You’re Ethan, right? I’m nel-”
Before I could finish, he held up a bloodied knuckle and extended his index finger towards me, wagging it as we took our seats.
“No. That is not how this works, my dear. You will address me by my FULL title and only then will I respond.” He breathed in, hunching his shoulders and flexing. “Bitches really think they’re so entitled, don’t they?”
I felt anger surge through me; I didn’t take to insults or a lack of respect at the best of times, but I knew better than to let advice given to me just moments ago fly out the window. I pulled up my chair and closed my eyes for a moment before responding.
“My apologies. Mr Ethan Elliot Blaznik III, my name is Miss Nelle Lockwood, my associates are-”
Again, he wagged his finger as he pulled a beanbag, undamaged from the tantrum moments ago and sank into it, legs spread out and attempting to keep his bulge within his sweatpants visible at all times as he spoke again, arrogance oozing from him.
“Don’t care. They’re just other dudes, I’m not interested.”
I pinched my nose. This was going to be a long, long session.
“Mr. Blaznik, what was your intent with calling me here? I assume you have more to say than just hurling insults? I was made to understand you had a sin to confess?”
He shifted and scratched his crotch as he spat on the floor.
“Mm, maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. You know, you’d be a LOT hotter if you dropped the pretense that you’re intelligent or in any way authoritative. Women are far more desirable when they’re just silent and/or agreeable.”
Instead of responding, I decided to simply write down some notes onto my ledger, making the occasional glance up before passing them over to Buck & Nestor to observe.
“Why are you ignoring me?” He leaned forward and let his jaw go slack, hands hanging over his thighs. I continued to pass nonsensical notes with comments like “Smile and chuckle while glancing up at him briefly.”
It only took him 3 minutes to fly into a rage. Picking up a piece of furniture from his make-shift room and hurling it at the plexiglass with a thunderous boom.
“You think you’re better than me, you fucking skank?! Why? Because you’re pretty? Because you’re smart? Bitch, I have an IQ of 186, I lift weights for this sculpted body and I can HAVE anyone, DO anything. I don’t need you! Get the fuck out of my sight! NOW!” he boomed, spit flying from his mouth as he finished, face beetroot red and huffing in place.
“Sounds good. We can go out, live our lives, and do great things. Plus, it seems your sin isn’t worth eating anyway… the inmates across the way have FAR more delectable sins.” I walked to the door and held on the handle. It was easy to ascertain this poor boy’s sin.
His face may have been red from anger, but his sin was green with envy.
And I intend to play him like a fiddle.
“W-wait. My sin IS worthy. Just… just listen and I’ll tell you. I’m sorry, Madame… I’m so sorry.” He trembled, getting down to his knees and clasping his hands together as if he were a pitiful anime character. “Please forgive my transgressions. You’re a queen. I should’ve controlled myself better!”
It was pathetic, but not entirely surprising for a manipulator. I took my hand off the door and sat back down, Edgar cawing as Holden apologised for waking him up just to move.
“SADBOY. SADBOY.” He chirped, Holden throwing him a piece of meat to placate him. I saw Ethan’s eyebrow twitch, but he didn’t break his stance until I was fully seated.
“Your file says you’re a remarkable programmer. A former member of the white hats, efficient at taking down any rival who opposed you and with a 4.0 GPA in school and a scholarship to whatever university you want. You came from privilege and were intent on pursuing a promising career… the hell happened to you?” Buck let the paper fall flat in disbelief as he stroked his beard. Ethan looked him up and down and put his hand to his patchy bearded face, anger rushing over him until I interjected.
“Ethan, honey, keep your focus on me. Buck is my friend and just like Nestor over there, he’s here to help. Can you do that?” I was never an expert at charming people, but I put on my sweetest tone and most sincere smile which seemed to work. He relaxed and let out a side grin.
“Of course. Mr. Simon McGraw of the fabled McGraw clan of cryptozoologists isn’t the least bit threatening anyway, even if his beard is better than mine. I’ll get my own eventually, bigger and better than yours. And I bet I know way more about monsters than he does, seen enough of ‘em in my time…” He grumbled, fumbling with his hands. “So many fucking animals on the internet that make ME look tame by proxy.”
“What have you seen, Ethan? What turned you into the person you are today?” I asked gently, a plate to hand and a mind open to adverse reactions.
“Let’s start with social media. It’s a toxic, vacuous black hole from which nothing can escape. You see something, you take a photo and post it. Showing it off to all your adoring fans. Shit, they can never even afford or hope to have for themselves. From money to bitche- er, women, and everything in between. It’s posturing, and it’s sick.” He snorted and averted his eyes from mine. “So many friends getting married, having kids, successful jobs… shit I could never dream of. It wasn’t fair. It ISN’T fair. But that’s not the worst of it…”
“Go on, we’re listening.” I tapped my fingers rhythmically on the table, hoping this wasn’t going to turn my stomach.
“Y’see you can get all sorts of shit on the dark web. Anything, really. I made some good friends there, though they were my brothers in arms. Thought they understood what I was going through. The group I was closest to was The Terrapin System, a group of like-minded young men dedicated to routing out problematic individuals. Proud “Thot Patrollers”. We were so good at what we did.”
“Sorry, thot patrollers? Not sure I understand…” I interjected, sure it was a derogatory slur of some kind.
“Say you date a girl and she’s had multiple partners. Maybe a dozen or so. Think of it like a shoe, okay? Why would I, a clear alpha, want to buy a shoe that’s been used and stretched as opposed to a fresh shoe never worn before? That is what the thot patrol is all about. Finding these disgusting women and shaming them. But we didn’t stop there, we’d harass them, stalk them, ensure they never got to feel safe until they publicly apologised and renounced their evil ways.” He stopped and a wide grin ran across his face, eyes alight with passion. “It was such a beautiful time. Until the incident…”
He got up and walked towards a whiteboard obscured in the background, tracing his fingers across it before wheeling it over to us.
It was full of photos, some appropriate model shots and others far less pleasant. Side glances of someone as they walked to their home, unassuming shots of someone sleeping, showering or eating. My skin crawled and my breath shortened, I knew this kind of horrific behaviour all too well, this level of obsession that would send any sane woman running to a police station if she knew...
Every photo, all the same young woman.
“I met SirenSarah2213 on a stream one night while I was bored. She was… different to the others. Her stream was barely populated, and she was going on some tangent about female purity, being unfair to men and being nicer to everyone.... But man, she looked sexy as hell in a cosplay outfit. I just felt this instant connection and reached out to her, donating to her stream so she’d notice me. Whenever she’d say my name and ask me something, I felt validated.” He looked at us, his head tilted to the side with a vacant look in his eyes. “Do you know what it’s like for someone to look at you and SEE you, Miss Lockwood? I mean, since your mother, of course…”
I felt a sharp stabbing sensation rush through my stomach, but I didn’t want to stop his flow, so I simply nodded and motioned for him to continue.
“I ended up spending nearly 3,000 dollars on her. By the time the final donation went out, she was doing 1 on 1 streams with me and giving me “life advice”. Saying that my methods with the Terrapins weren’t strong enough. That they weren’t who they said they were. She pushed me to dig into them and when I finally did… she was right. Most of them had families, friends, partners and even kids… they had fucking KIDS. How could they understand our methods if they were with loving partners?!”
He bellowed, tears in his eyes.
“I found their secret chat where they mocked me, called me a kissless virgin and the king of the incels. Hundreds of memes about me with my body photoshopped onto unflattering edits or doge memes directly ripping into my personal views and experiences. It was… damaging. When I told Siren about it, she soothed me to sleep and promised to show me how to get revenge. That I would be the purest knight this world had ever seen, with her by my side. She even said that we could be together when my job was completed. Can you believe that? I was so lucky, but at the same time, I KNEW it was right. I am an alpha male and nothing would change that.”
There was a pause as he looked closely over at Nestor, half cradling Edgar as he ate quietly and his body language still tensed up in case of a fight. Ethans smile faded, and he walked over to the far side of the glass, sizing Nestor up.
“Hey Holden, you Jewish?” He asked, disgust in his voice. Holden’s eyes flashed, but he kept his cool.
“What if I am?” He asked, his hand still softly petting Edgar. Ethan shook his head.
“Pity. Waste of good muscle.” He spat again and walked back over to Nelle.
“It’s all bullshit anyway, Mr. Blaznik. At least in my line of work, everyone ends up in the same place. No matter what god, goddess or demon you pray to. It ain’t worth shit when you’re in front of Lady Death.”
Ethan exploded at this, the double standards beginning to shine through.
“MY religion is pure. It’s the truest path through God and Jesus. And I heard about your “Line of work”, total fucking fake news, you think I’d buy for a second you work for LADY Death? Fuck off, if Death is a woman, she’s the biggest thot going. Stupid cunt.”
He was beginning to fly into a rage again and not wishing to breach both his racist views and the depths of their religious ideologies; I stepped in to keep him focused.
“Ethan, your sin. What did Siren tell you to do next?” I was sensing a pattern in these encounters. Ethan took a breath and sank back into his beanbag.
“She began appearing in my dreams. Which was weird, but she gave me remarkable instructions and tools to take them down one by one… Addresses for their homes, names of their loved ones, methods to… enact my revenge.”
“And it’s at this point you began your “crusade” against injustice, correct?” Buck asked, Ethan refused to look at him as he nodded in my direction.
“I began with a test run on the newest member. He was easy to locate since he never deviated from his pattern. He’d never seen me in person, so when I posed as a mormon looking to give him some info on the book of Joseph Smith, he never batted an eyelid with him being one himself. The guy even invited me into his home, big mistake. The second his door locked, I smashed his brains in with a claw hammer. It was then that Siren spoke to me again.”
He looked wistfully up at the ceiling, pausing before continuing. Was he ashamed? Or was he revelling in the moment?
“She said: They took everything from you. Now take something you wanted from them… So, I looked at this fallen piece of meat… Darrel I think his name was. I looked at him and asked myself what I wanted most. Well, Darrel had a beautiful home despite his new status to the group, so I took that. Easy enough to move in and assume his bills. The guy was a shut-in and nobody questioned it when I took over.”
A thick green mist was now covering the surrounding floor, it almost looked noxious, but Ethan paid it no mind.
“How did she talk to you?” I asked, his attention lapsing and almost looking offended I’d stopped him mid flow.
“What? Why does that matter? She was there when I needed her, as she always was.” He retorted, bile in his words.
“It matters to me, I can’t eat your sin if I don’t know everything. You wouldn’t want to lie to me, would you? I’m not as clever as I look…” I felt disgust at my own deprecation, but this was part of the job, so I stuck with it. His expression softened, and he carried on.
“Fine, fine. I can’t excuse a lady being honest. Siren wasn’t a normal girl, she was radiant, alluring and always there when I needed her. I mean that literally. After I’d donated to her enough, the 1 to 1 sessions began, and she manifested in front of me. I could never touch her, but I could always see her as clear as I see you. She was instrumental in my growth and as we proceeded, she only got clearer to me. After a couple more targets, I’d taken their car and bank accounts, but the last one was where things got… complicated.”
He paused again, and I exchanged a look with Buck; I didn’t like where this was going. The haze was beginning to form the shape of a woman, a bowl
“See, Siren told me not to listen to anything they said, to keep my mind focused on what they had that I didn’t. That this would be one of the final steps to ascension. She gave me something to drink and for a moment, our fingers brushed… I felt electricity run through us. So, I did as I was told, drank from the bowl and ignored everything until I reached the master bedroom. I felt… different. My vision was tunnelled and a green haze fell over my eyes as my fists acted on their own. My clawhammer was tossed aside as I strangled the person in front of me, seeing visions of the life they led that I was denied. The laughter of all my colleagues in the group, happy couples and the entire fucking world at my expense. All of them just filling up my skull until it threatened to burst like the stupid cunts in front of me as my grip grew tighter… and tighter… until…”
He stopped, motioning the bursting of a balloon and contents spilling out.
“No more. I felt as if I’d constricted them into submission. Became the true alpha now that the leader of the pack. But no, instead I was looking down at a total stranger… a woman, in fact.”
“You were looking down at the woman you’d been thirsting for all this time, weren’t you, Blaznik?” Buck sighed, venom in his words. “Saoirse Maisey Lovewood, 19-year-old streamer and model. You’d been paying to get her attention and one night you flew into a rampage when she banned you from the server, got her info and that of your contemporaries when they tried to stop you.”
He held up a photo as the mist began forming, the two matching up perfectly. A beautiful woman with flowing red hair, the photo showing a cosplay of Poison Ivy from the Batman comics. The woman now formed in the room with him clad in an emerald green dress that hung at the shoulder, clutching a large bowl with a bubbling liquid.
“No… that’s not… I don’t…”
“Saoirse, Indiviosa…” Buck said, getting up to slam the photo against the wall and make him look as her counterpart walked towards him. “Saoirse, abounding in envy. You never had a Siren calling to you Blaznik, never had a larger-than-life plan fit for an alpha mastermind. Your jealousy simply overwhelmed you, created a narrative where you were in control and had it all. Well, you’re going to live out your sin whether you want to or not. You will spend your final moments knowing you can never have what you want.”
I looked at my own plate and saw two dishes form. One was a side of Mexican bean rice with green peppers, the other was a Glamorgan sausage and Yorkshire pudding… the way my mum made it. The *exact* way she made it, even smelling as such. I felt an overwhelming rush of emotions and nostalgic memories, desperately fighting to come to the surface with the first bite.
But I couldn’t reach for it. Even if I wanted to.
Eyes fixated on the unfolding carnage in front of me, my body acted on its own and began shovelling the rice into my mouth as the sausage and Yorkshire faded from view, lovingly being consumed by something unseen. I watched with anger and misery as the meal I wanted was once again fading from my grasp.
After a few moments of staring, Ethan turned to see the visage of his Siren in front of him. Her expression that of pure satisfaction as she used her free hand to point down at the floor in a domineering fashion. He whimpered and obliged, head pressed against the ground as he shook.
“I only wanted what was mine. Isn’t that fair? Isn’t that a man’s right to claim what is rightfully his? I don’t understand… is this ascension? Or punishment? I don’t… I don’t…”
He rose his head up to look at the visage of Saoirse as she tipped the contents of the bowl over him and into his mouth, partially widened in a scream that would never be uttered.
The green liquid ate at his skin with remarkable speed, flesh bubbling and popping as it splattered across the plexiglass, his rapidly decaying torso shuddering and eyes melting into the sockets as he gurgled until slumping over.
But I was less focused on his pain and more-so on my own. This sin did not physically encumber me, make me sick or wear me out. No, instead it bore into my soul and found a small place to nest next to the memories of my mother that I kept with me every day.
It managed to shake my professionalism and my confidence, something nobody had done before.
With more of these fucking monsters to go, I was unsure I was up for the task and began to doubt my abilities.
As if on cue, the same spectral night terror that has plagued me since my arrival shone in the viscera of the plexiglass, standing right behind me with a malformed digit up to its cracked lips in a hush motion. In its other hand it held the totem I’d been given by Nestor as a safekeeping method from god knows what. I watched as this thing crushed it to dust, holding up a number as a shock wave ran through my body, fear buckling my knees and something in the prison stirred at my presence, something I would come to fear more than any other creature in existence;
Inmate #2122: Ethan Elliot Blaznik III
Sin: Envy
Food: Mexican Bean Rice & The one dish I will always want, but will never have again.
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2020.10.26 09:57 Adorable-Childhood75 [20M] going at [20F] her little apartment to watch star wars and eat pizzas for the second date

Hey redditors.
I met her on badoo 1 week earlier. We had a first date at Paris walking, talking and ate dinner together at a mexican restaurant. We did nothing special.
But during we talked. She asked me what i was looking for. I clearly said i was not looking for a long term relation but it depends on the feeling. And i was on a "sex" date site(it is really different from usual dating, sometimes you dont even know their names). I asked the same question to her she answered me it depends on the feeling too and she likes her freedom. Then the conversation went on about our weirdest "sex" experience.
1 day after the date. I proposed her to come at her apartment, watch star wars and eat pizza. She accepted with some funny sarcasm.
Do girls agree this fast to a stranger date to come at her place ?
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2020.10.25 23:33 Rock_on_Kennedy [NF] Leaving Las Vegas, Smuggled Grapefruits, Airstream Pancakes

When: 2014 or 15, probably April
We roll into Vegas after dark, my friend Jerry driving, I riding shotgun, my then wife rolling around in the back of the ruby red '94 Ford Aerostar on the mattress that replaced the seats.
We are dressed in what can only be described as Trailer Park Hippies. Jerry wears sweat pants (he wore a lot of sweat pants back then), a striped shirt, beanie, and square-frame glasses, as he's blind as a bat. My wife is dressed like a bag lady, a tye dye "Workaholics" shirt, ripped jeans, America Hat beanie hat worn ironically over dirty dreadlocks, and I'm wearing a a lot of flannel and sporting a fiery red Leprechaun beard and hair down to my shoulders.
We have a stash that would make Hunter S. Thompson shed tears of joy. We're cruising in with a few ounces of weed, a tinfoil wrapper full of hash, a 10-strip of LSD, an eightball of coke, case of lite beer, and a laundry basket full of oranges and grapefruits acquired in Arizona.
We had been living off of coke, grapefruits, acid, beer and cigarettes laced with hash.
We were young and ready for what Vegas had to offer.
Jerry drives past The Flamingo and we keep going on to Fremont Street. That is our destination, and we plan on milking it for all the free drinks we can.
We drive around for a minute before noticing a $5-all-night parking lot. Perfect. We figure after we get too wasted and broke, we'll just come back and crash in the back of the van.
Jerry, it's always Jerry, cuts up one hit of acid into three little pieces and passes them out.
Jerry then keys up bumps of coke for everyone.
My wife, DD, rolls a nasty hash cigarette and we roll out of the van and smoke it on our way down to Fremont Street.
The thing about taking a little bit of acid is, is you can drink all night. A half hit of acid and you're ready to drink an Irishman under the table. I can't explain how or why it works, but it does. 1/3 of a hit should do the same thing, and we're feeling good.
Vegas is your typical Vegas that I had expected. There's a Danny DeVito impersonator here, a Boss Hogg there, big-titted Showgirls lined up ready to take your money for a photo. Street performers, some of them fantastic, some of them sad. There is a nearly naked man waving a sign that reads, "Money Activates Me". I put a dollar in his hat, and he starts jiggling and shaking and making weird beeping noises. I am a little sad.
As soon as we arrive on Fremont Street I look up to a giant television prompter on the ceiling with Blue Angels flying across while "America the Beautiful" plays over the loudspeakers. I walk past a large Mexican woman wearing all purple.
Jerry tells us that they'll give you free drinks if you play the slot machines. We decide to investigate and pop into the first casino we see. We each slip a dollar into a machine and a waitress comes over and tells us, "make it at least $3, guys". A little saddened, but compliant, we do as we're told.
We spend the next few hours like this. Hopping from casino to casino, putting in as little money as possible, getting as many free drinks as possible. After awhile, it gets tiresome and we spot a crowd heading towards the far side of the street and decide to investigate.
All night we see this horrible Wook-like creature and he has come up to us and asked us for different drugs at least three times. DD must've taken the biggest 1/3 because her pupils are the size of nickels. The first few times he asked for acid, then he asked for DMT. I had never done DMT at that point, but from what I had heard, it would do him no good here. We think he's a cop. We ignore him.
Drinks in hand, we see what the commotion is about, Cheap Trick! is playing a free show. Hell Yes, we think. We push our way to the entrance and are told we cannot bring the drinks in. We each chug our beers and make our way in.
The crowd at Cheap Trick! is rude as far as rock concerts go. It's a bunch of people way more sober than us and they won't let us pass. We're standing shoulder-to-shoulder-to-shoulder with a group of angry looking bikers and decide that Cheap Trick! can go fuck themselves.
We exit the concert and walk to the other end of Fremont Street.
There is another free concert going on, an 80's cover band with the singer dressed like Devo and the bassist wearing stuffed animal pants – that is, Pants covered in stuffed animals. There are only about 20 people in attendance. We're so there.
We walk to the front without any problem and begin our own dance circle.
They have two vocalists, a hot French-looking chick and a man dressed as dollar store Devo.
Jerry thinks French chick is looking at him.
The bandplays a rousing rendition of "Blister in the Sun" and during one of "When I go walkin I strut my stuff and I'm so strung out/I'm high as a kite and I just might stop to check you out" parts, Devo guy holds the microphone out to us and we gargle through it.
He shouts for the band to stop, wait, hold on. Stop stop stop.
"You people are the drunkest people I have ever seen!"
Too drunk to be embarrassed, we continue to dance. We dance until they stop playing.
The acid at this point has all but run its course and the booze is catching up with us.
DD is starting to lose steam.
We decide to drink more.
Walking into a casino, the overhead television plays "America the Beautiful" again as Blue Angels fly and Purple Pants Mexican lady is walking by us again, singing, "Uh-MARE-i-KUH" and crying profusely. She is having a good time.
Unsure of what time it is, we're too fucked to gamble anymore and head to the bar. We attempt to order the cheapest drinks and the bartenders all ignore us.
We get our $2 teas, (“Hold on, I have to make three shitty drinks” quoth the bartender) and walk back outside to get some air. Vegas is starting to spook me out.
People walk down the street and flick a butt, unnamed janitors come from nowhere and sweep it up like it might never have happened. Vegas is like a physics problem. The cigarette butt is like Schrodinger’s Cat. Without the janitor, it may or not be there.
As the night drags on, we see human decency deteriorating.
Having made our way somehow to The Flamingo, we scope out a group of guys who we believe are going to date rape some girl who’s had too much to drink. Maybe it’s the acid enhancing our perceptions, or any of the drugs making us ever more paranoid. Maybe those guys really were out to hurt that woman. We followed them all for some time before realizing we were fucked up and it wasn’t our fight. We needed to get back to the van to sleep.
We make our way back to the van and roll the door open. DD plops down on the mattress, but Jerry and I are determined to gamble and drink more. I promise her I’ll be good.
Just right then two SECURITY dudes on bikes roll by and see the mattress and see the hippie lady sitting upon it. “Y’all can’t sleep here.”
I inform them, but sirs, we paid the $5, and we are way, way, WAY too drunk to drive at this point.
“That’s fine, sirs” he tells me, “but you can’t sleep here. You’re welcome to gamble in our casinos all night, or get a hotel room.”
DD raises her voice to the security dudes and I have to tell her to cool it. We’re out of our element. This is Vegas. We can’t win this one.
I tell them, ok, and they ride off.
I’m too fucked to drive so I tell Jerry he’s going to have to rally and get us out of here. We all begin chugging water, our eyes rolling around in our heads, brains still slightly dripping from the acid.
We’re all yelling at each other that this was a stupid idea. Jerry chugs an adequate amount of water and he climbs into the cockpit. I ride shotgun. We got this.
We drive around aimlessly til we find an indoor parking garage that doesn’t charge us a fee on the way in. We drive to a heavily populated area and kill the engine. Jerry and I fly into the backseat and we keep our heads down, trying to find sleep in what’s left of the night.
We get two hours of sleep when I decide we have to go. Right now.
I think I’m cool to drive, so I start out our journey. The sun is right in my face as I’m leaving and I’m way too hungovestill drunk/fucked up to be doing this. I stop at a gas station for a fill up and on my way in I see a man just grinning at me. I’m in no mood. Who is this asshole just smiling at me at 6 o clock in the morning?
Turns out it was a cardboard cutout of Jeff Gordon. Jesus. Christ.
I pay for my gas and get back to the car. I tell Jerry he’s driving, and I need to sleep.
We drive a few minutes and pull up to an Airstream Diner and decide to fuel up our bellies. The whole night in Vegas we didn’t consume any food, just drugs and booze, and we were in need of nourishment.
We sit at the counter and the man with the plan is an older Hispanic man who appears to be running everything by himself. I order an omelette, toast and hashbrowns, and coffee, sweet, merciful coffee. Biscuits and gravy for Jerry, with “grandma coffee” (that is coffee with too much cream and sugar). DD got a stack of pancakes.
When our food came, the proprietor asks DD if she would like any syrup? She holds her plate above her head like an offering to the man and says nothing. He laughs and asks again what kind of syrup would she like? Blueberry it was.
A little food in us, we begin to feel better.
We hit the road, California Bound! I resign to the mattress in back and pass out, Jerry driving, DD his copilot.
I awake some time later to the sound of metal grinding on metal. The van is moving against its own will.
“What the fuck is going on?!”
Jerry is throwing it in reverse and trying to back up but the damage is already done.
We are in line waiting to cross into the great state of California. I see a sign for “Fruit Inspection”. I look around the back and there’s grapefruits and oranges and peelings and all kinds of citrus just rolling around. We’re fucked. If not for the coke and hash, then for all the fruit contraband.
I try to gather up all the citrus, but when it gets to be our turn to cross, the guards at the window tell us simply to pull through to deal with our accident.
What luck. A wagonload of drugs and illegal fruit and we get a pass because some Rent An RV guy decided to rearrange my van’s front end. Sweet.
We pull through and pile out of the van. I inspect the damage. It’s mostly cosmetic. The plastic bumper is gone, both headlights are smashed and dangling by wires. The blinkers are fucked. I will be using my arm signals for the rest of my van’s life.
I walk up to the RV and pound on the door. An older, Eastern European man, noticeably drunk and shoeless steps out. I ask does he have insurance (I miraculously do). He says yes yes yes, sure sure sure. Why don’t you come into my RV?
No, I tell him. Good out here.
He disappears inside and comes back a few minutes later with a stack of papers, none of which are insurance. After a few minutes of going nowhere, I decide to call it even. I don’t want to attract any attention to us with the cops and would rather just get down the road, blow and all.
The four of us get into our collective vehicles, the Chechen's relatively untouched; ours, a sex crime victim, and we set sail for the promised land - Californ-I-A!
I'm trying to assemble a selection of stories. Heart on Sleeve. Don't be too rough. With love, and honesty
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2020.10.24 14:00 AutoModerator Melbourne Rewatch Discussion Thread - S1 Episodes 1-3

Melbourne Rewatch Discussion Thread - S1 Episodes 1-3
Join us as we rewatch and discuss The Real Housewives of Melbourne, season one, episodes 1-3. Details and full season one rewatch schedule here. This thread will be stickied from Saturday, Oct. 24th, - Saturday, Oct. 31st, 2020. Drop in at your leisure.
First Impressions - S1E1 (Original air date: Feb. 23, 2014)
Lydia meets up with Andrea and Gina. Janet has a psychic reading by fellow housewife Jackie. Janet invites Jackie to the Liberty Belle party hosted by Andrea. All 6 women to come together for the first time. Jackie throws a spanner in the works with her unnerving psychic predictions.
Pick a Side - S1E2 (Original air date: March 2, 2014)
Jackie is quizzed for psychic vibes, Gina heads straight to the States leaving the other girls speculating why. Lydia invites Jackie to a local gallery and Chyka invites the wives to food tasting where Gina is the topic of conversation. Jackie and Gina have a confrontation in a cafe.
New Kids on the Block - S1E3 (Original air date: March 9, 2014)
Janet visits Dr Chris Moss for some 'freshening' and Jackie attends as support. Lydia and her husband Andrew fly to King Island for a spot of cheese tasting. Gina's back from the States, after making a life altering decision about her partner. Jackie and Ben host a Mexican-themed housewarming party and Ben confronts Gina about her issues with his wife.
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2020.10.24 01:50 throwaway_imthrnaway How Can I(28F) Boost my New BFs(40m) confidence so he doesn’t ruin what we have?

I would like to start out by saying there are many qualities my bf has that I love. He’s smart, funny, dresses really well, has a good job and hobbies he loves, and seems responsible.
We started talking a few months back and a month ago he asked me out. Suddenly, it seems like we are experiencing some issues. These issues are largely involving other women. For example, one night he thought it was appropriate to send me an old video from a club of his good friends shaking her butt in her underwear in front of him. Another time he was talking about his ex and compared my looks to her, saying we were both redheads with huge tits. He also seems to have a flock of ex girlfriends/dates he flirts with very openly on fb. He’s got his work wife, his favorite mexican(that’s what he calls her) and some girl he told me would kill me if I hurt him. There are more examples of this and I could go on, but my theory is that he is feeling self conscious so he’s trying to make himself seem wanted and like I’m lucky to be with such a well wanted man.
He isn’t the most conventionally attractive guy, but I am 100% attracted to him and I find him sexy. I am a model and so I think he’s feeling insecure and acting out. Unfortunately it’s pushing me away and it’s really turning me off.
I have a therapist I see who specializes in relationships and she agrees this is most likely what he’s doing. He wants to make me jealous so I will stay with him.
I feel bad for him because he really does want to find someone for marriage and a long term partner. He complains about how hard it was to find someone like me. And now he’s doing so many things that are turning me away from the relationship. I know I’m my heart if he didn’t do this I would continue to give him 100% and I would see a future with him. Even if it wasn’t me, there is no way he’s going to find a long term partner while he’s like this. I guess maybe that’s why he is still single at 40.
Is there anything I can do to help boost his confidence? Is there any way I can salvage this? Because if I’m being honest I’m not sure that I can live another month with someone who plays games me like this. It’s just so early on I can’t imagine what it will be like later.
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2020.10.24 00:48 Active_Bandicoot_660 I (24M) have been criticized my whole life for having a certain dating preference and not dating within my race/ethnic background (Hispanic).

I grew up in a very rural part of Oklahoma (United States). I was raised by a single mom and my older sister. My mom was born and raised in Mexico. My sister always lived in Mexico and around our big Mexican family the first 10 years of her life.
My mom ended up moving to Oklahoma with my sister and I for personal reasons. While my mom worked 2-3 jobs to support me and my sister, I had a number of babysitters who watched my sister and I. They all went to my church at the time, and they all happened to not speak Spanish. My mom also made sure my sister brushed up on her English for school. Her and my mom had just moved from Mexico, so my sister knew barely any formal English. So, I never learned Spanish properly.
At school, I was always teased by other Hispanic kids for not knowing Spanish. So, naturally I only hung out with non-Hispanic kids who didn’t care and just liked being my friend, etc. So going into my teen years, I was just a young kid who most Hispanics would call “white washed”. I still liked to learn about my heritage and embrace my cultural background. My mom also spoke plenty of Spanish around me, so it’s not like I’m a complete mute when it comes to hearing and understanding Spanish. I know plenty.
Into my teen years, starting to date girls I never thought too much about what my preferences were in the opposite sex. I mean I had normal crushes like any young kid/teenager. What I did notice though was the “cliques” in school were very distinct. Of course in small town Oklahoma, there was a clique of Hispanic kids. I obviously didn’t think I ever “belonged” or that I should try hanging out with them. I did notice girls that I thought were attractive and happened to be in these “cliques”.
These girls never showed any interest in me, and most of it is I think who was and they didn’t want to date or whatever you want to call it someone who was “white washed”. So from a very early age, I naturally just stayed away from these cliques”. I always had a sense them and everyone else I’ve met who were Hispanic and/or spoke Spanish just looked down on me. Like I was someone who would never fit in. Regardless I had my normal crushes and dated normally like any young guy my age.
Fast forward to my early and now mid 20s, I’ve had people ask me constantly why “ I don’t date Hispanic girls”. Most always, it’s always just teasing though. In 2018, I moved to Southern California. Obviously the culture is a lot different from rural Oklahoma. It’s mostly Hispanic too. I’ve noticed the same trends interacting with Hispanic girls that I’m interested in. Things always start off just fine, and the moment I tell them “I don’t speak very good Spanish”, they lose complete interest in me and it’s obvious.
I always get teased by mom mom and sister for always having white girlfriends. People have even accused me of being racist in some instances solely based on me not dating Hispanic girls. I do not have a problem with Hispanic girls nor am I racist. I feel like me in general as a person just doesn’t scream “man he’s a super proud Mexican-American”. Like I mentioned, I am proud of my racial background, but I don’t fit into the mold that most people think a guy like me should.
Personally, I think it’s just a little frustrating having people I don’t know or barely know tell me I should date certain people or dress/act a certain way just because of my ethnic background. It’s just something that has always been in my mind, and no one really understands unless I explain it like this to them. Even then, they still can’t wrap their head around it.
Just an FYI too, this isn’t me being mad at Hispanic girls for not liking me back either. I understand that there are a lot of people who take pride in their ethnic background and put importance on knowing their own or their parents native language. It’s just an observation I’ve made in my own life. I just feel like no one or very few people understand where I’m coming from, hence why I’m posting this on this sub.
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2020.10.22 15:08 throwawawawawaway1 Women not engaging the conversation

So, I'm pretty new to (online) dating, but bumble seem to be working ok-ish. Not getting many matches, but I don't think a lot of people are on it in my country. But I'm trying to understand the following behavior: Sunday morning, I got a 'hey there' from a match. Pretty girl, you could say, out of my league, but hey, I'm cool too. So she seemed not from around, so I said 'hey there' followed by a friendly 'English?' to ask in what language we should proceed. No answer. So a day later, I asked: 'you're not from around here?' Then I got a pretty quick response, saying she's from Mexico. So I asked: 'what are you doing here?' No response. Left it for a few days, but nothing. Today I send her a picture of a mexican fruit I'm growing, with the pop quiz question 'what is this' and got a pretty quick response, and there was some back and forth.
So she responds quickly on some questions, but not on others, and she doesn't really follow through. I know, move on etc. etc. but I'm trying to understand here. She seems to like the questions, but doesn't engage herself. She was interested enough to contact me first, responds pretty quickly when she chooses to, but that's it.
Sound familiar?
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2020.10.21 14:05 radiofree_catgirl While we're waiting for Justice Part 2; I fed the available Contrapoints scripts into a bot an it wrote this video:

"This is a super fucking vulnerable moment for me but i am majestic trash. I was a genderqueer genderfuck who wants to remain good. Maybe don't be a cis bootlicker of the first times. The enthralling plot twist of the knife between the american dream and the proles is pretty fucking upsetting. Maybe don't try to persuade me to publicly transitioned while making anti roleplay against canceling.

Actually i was working on opulence and inequality is women. Like boomers people are aware of trans twitter. When james charles tried to trick straight men into thinking they're gay until they're very deliberately done that 's a lot of people. Whereas gigi gorgeous urges people who are doing it just to get that sinking feeling in your aesthetic. So fucking sinister. Maybe contrapoints is truscum with buck angel being gay married to me.

Culture: oh no one has ever been persuaded by that summer i had privately convinced myself that i was identifying with the midlife crisis fantasies of a repressed english housewife. That 's basically sacrificing people who haven't dated women since i transitioned. Comrades are you … heyhowreyou mansion parties uwu. " contrapoints collaborating with hitler today and y'all would be like ' oh well as by transition glow me to the guillotine.

I guess i basically like the rich people and i am absolutely furious that i'm ashamed i am resplendent. Sometimes marginalized people are wrong to talk about why people cancel. The american people who associate with me will be ostracized from their own community. Guess this is what happened during the bush administration. Cat girls kissing is hot. Whereas, even though my real sexual attraction is to women is very different types of magic. This country is pretty fucking canceled. First of all this is a sexual attraction to my wife. She 's just very satisfying to me because of the sexual woman and that eagerness is pretty inescapable.

I remember one of the first i'll admit that i'm becoming someone who doesn't like that i'm becoming the same thing as hatred of natalie wynn. Meow girldick nya nya nya nya. I honestly don't know what you've heard from my accusers but i'm not allowed to get angry and miserable and despised over another time i was very much of the happiness that you might expect to come along with success. For the last two months i feel like shit, queens who are like me feel like this anime cat girl shit which clearly gets under my skin. white supremacist empire of the american century is the end of reality tv.

In ballroom culture which may haunt me and criticized away their wealth and power they've been denied by the way they're used to escalate conflict instead of promote understanding of justice according to which mia responds: " " garish r. Kelly are you following along class? Because this is what i'm about. 🧐

february knows this is what looks mexican and therefore horrifying. Imagine how used to it i am. Anonymous women are freakish without being charming that is testosterone levels of being ostentatious. Criticism of me sucking dick with you is similarly inimical to the movement. Contrapoints is pretty."
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2020.10.21 04:58 NekoGirlItzura The first time I met a Karen

This is my first time posting. I’m on mobile so sorry for any formatting errors. English is my first language and I consider myself to be a grammar nazi so please roast me if necessary. I am located in the USA. I’ve been listening to Mr. Reddit for months now and decided to share my first encounter with a Karen. If people enjoy this story then I’ll most likely post more. I worked customer service for several years so I have plenty to tell.
This story take place over a decade ago but I have told it so many times the details are still quite fresh in my mind. A little backstory, I worked at the lovely chain superstore that spelled backwards is Tramlaw. I was a minor in charge of the self-checks. I basically always worked the self-checks because most people hated to work them but I loved it. Now for the cast.
We have: NekoGirlItzura (Neko) - Nerdy little me! Karen (K)- The entitled mom of our story. Bestie (BFF) - My high school BFF who was also my co-worker. Dick Manager (DM) - The manager in charge of the front end. Useless Manager (UM) - The manager that said nothing.
It was a normal weekday afternoon at Tramlaw and I was, of course, running the self-checks. Karen; a tall, larger woman with waaaaay too much hairspray in her hair; walked up with a cart full of stuff and proceeded to run all of her things through the machine. After she finished scanning everything, she went to the screen where you pick a payment type. Much to my dismay, she selected “Check” as her form of payment. Now, the self-checks are not equipped to run checks through, so, whenever a customer selects “Check” as their payment type the machine prompts the employee running them to come over. I went over and explained to Karen that I would have to void out the transaction from her self-check register and transfer it to my kiosk. She is visibly annoyed at this but does not say anything. I void out her transaction and print a slip so I can transfer it to my kiosk. I have Karen follow me with her things so that another customer can start scanning their things. I get her re-rung up at my kiosk.
Neko - “Alright, ma’am, your total is {insert amount here}.”
K - “Do you have a pen?”
Neko - “I’m sorry, ma’am, I don’t. But our machine is designed to print the information on the check and we give it back to you after it has been processed.”
K - “No, no, no! That won’t do. I HAVE to have a pen to write on it because there is a carbon copy!!”
Neko - “Alright, ma’am. I’ll see if I can find a pen for you to use.”
At this point I notice BFF standing at her 20 items or less register without any customers. I walk up to her to see if she has a pen.
Neko - “Hey, BFF, do you have a pen that I can borrow?”
BFF - “Sure. What do you need it for?”
Neko - “I have a customer that needs to fill out her check because she has a carbon copy.”
BFF - “Okay, cool. Just please bring it back when you’re done!”
I take the pen and walk back to Karen.
K (screaming) - “I heard what you said!!! I am reporting you to your manager!!”
Neko (very confused) - “I’m sorry, ma’am, but what did I say?”
K - “You were rude and I am reporting you!!” (Enter Reeee here...)
Karen fills out her check and hands it to me muttering incoherently under her breath. I run the check through and return it to her.
Neko - “Here you are, ma’am. Have a nice day.”
K - “I’m still reporting you!”
Karen storms off in the direction of Customer Service. I take the pen back to BFF.
BFF - “What the f- was her problem?!”
Neko - “Apparently, it was rude to tell you why I needed the pen...”
BFF - “What a b-!”
I go back to my kiosk at the self-checks. After a little while DM comes over with a coworker. She has coworker take over the self-checks and ask me to accompany her to the back. I go to the back with her. We enter a tiny office with UM already sitting inside.
DM - “Neko, do you know why I called you back here?”
Neko - “Does it have anything to do with a lady complaining about me?”
DM - “Good, so you do know.”
Neko - “I mean, I know she said she was going to complain about me but I don’t know what I did to offend her.”
DM - “She said you were rude.”
Neko - “But I wasn’t.”
DM - “Well, the customer is always right. You are receiving a verbal warning for being rude to a customer. Don’t let it happen again.”
Neko (in tears) - “But I didn’t do anything except what she asked me to do! I don’t understand why I’m being punished when I didn’t actually do anything!”
DM - “The customer said you were rude and the customer is always right.”
UM sat there just nodding his head in agreement. I had to sign a paper stating that I understood I was receiving a verbal warning and I would try harder in the future to be more polite to customers. I left the office still crying. I tried to return to the self-checks but was sent on my 15 minute break since I was still crying.
Now, for the bonus:
Bonus character unlocked! Cheerleader (CL) - Karen’s daughter who is only a little entitled.
CL just so happened to be in the same graduating class as me and I had a couple of classes with her. I decided to ask her straight up about her mom.
Neko - “So, your mom got me in trouble at work for no reason. What is her deal?”
CL (visibly embarrassed) - “Oh, no. Not again. She’s always doing this. She’s the worst!”
Neko - “Wow. I didn’t expect that out of you.”
CL - “You wouldn’t believe the things she does at home. Do you know she wants me to break up with my boyfriend because he is Mexican? Can you believe that? He’s so sweet but she doesn’t care.”
CL and I talk a while more about her situation. I encourage her to defy her mother and stay with her boyfriend if she really cared about him. She in return made sure none of the other cheerleaders made fun of me again. She ended up dating him through the rest of high school and we were friendly towards each other. I, luckily, never had to deal with Karen again.
Sorry if this didn’t have a fantastic ending but encouraging Karen’s daughter to defy her really made me feel better about her crappy treatment of me. Not getting made fun of by the rest of the cheerleaders was a big bonus so, thanks, Karen!
I give Mr. Reddit full permission to read this story on YouTube! If it does make the cut I will update with a link to the video. 😸
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2020.10.21 01:42 GeranimoAllons-y Disease Louise and the nightmare that was my wedding

This is my story, not fodder for a trashy clickbait site.
I marked this as ambivalent about advice as this is an old story, I'm mostly just here to entertain with my misery
Good evening all! Before I get started I want to let everyone know that as per my last post on Disease Louise possibly having covid and her intention of not reporting it to her job I do have an update on that situation. As of Monday she informed her employer, they got her tested, and she will have two weeks off as a paid leave until her results come back. I truly believe she had no intention of letting them know at all but when she found out she would get paid leave while they waited on her results she decided to come clean. So all is safe on that front, she is actually quarantining and not out infecting anyone. Thank God for small favors!
Now. I have been promising this story since I first joined this sub and just havent had the time to sit down to write it out. So, grab a snack and a very tall glass of your favorite alcohol, and settle in for the shit show.
Having just celebrated my 3rd anniversary with DH we got to reminiscing about how truly awful our wedding turned out to be. We had just wanted a simple ceremony and reception. Not anything too big, but boy did that turn into a nightmare.
When we first got engaged, I called Disease Louise to let her know personally because I didn't want her to find out on social media. Within 15 minutes she was outside of our house (I already lived with DH at this time) demanding to talk to my at the time FDH. I knew that she made him super uncomfortable so I tried to stand with them for this "talk" but DL just stared at me, refusing to start speaking until I left them alone, I left them on the porch and went inside not going far because at the first sign of her being a dick to him I was gonna run back out and get her to leave. So standing there, on our porch, DL proceeds to do the CRINGIEST fucking talk I've ever heard in my life guys. All about "if you hurt her, her brothers will kill you" and how "he needs to make sure he is man enough to provide for me" there was more but to be perfectly honest I think I have permanently blocked that from my memory. I do know that DL was upset at the time by his "proposal".
What I mean is, my FDH and I had had a discussion about what we wanted out of life, decided that we wanted to spend it together, and picked out my ring together. As we had to order my ring it took a few weeks to come in and when it did FDH insisted I try it on to make sure it fit right and I just refused to take the ring off. He thought this was hilarious and adorable and made me promise to give it back to him later that evening as he had a nice proposal planned. FDH and I also decided to call DL before our date that night where he would be doing my actual proposal. To say that Disease Louise was not amused by my antics with MY new engagement ring would be an understatement. She wanted a big romantic story, but to be honest that's not who DH and I are. My real proposal was after a nice dinner out FDH got down on one knee in front of our home, under the stars, and asked me to spend my life with him. It wasn't a big affair or to do but to me, it was perfect.
Then the wedding planning started. OH MY GOD the wedding planning. This was terrible. FDH and I got engaged in February on our 1 year anniversary. I saw that there would be a Friday the 13th that coming October and felt that was the perfect wedding date. It pushed our timeline up by a year but FDH didn't mind so much when we got married, so long as we did.
At first it was going to be simple. I was going to have a small ceremony at the church I grew up in, followed by a small reception in the fellowship hall of the same church. But then my grandma told me that if I had my wedding there she wouldn't be able to come. She has breathing issues and can't be around anything scented without spending a week in the hospital. She didn't say this maliciously, she was just letting me know her limitations. OK so no church wedding. Luckily I found a GORGEOUS rose garden not too far from the church that would let me use that venue for free and my childhood pastor would also officiate the ceremony also for free. So far so good, right?
Next came decisions on theme and decorations. This was actually the easiest part of my wedding planning. My maid of honor is a super crafty person who also happened to work at a large chain craft store that knew when ALL the sales were happening and let me use her employee discount also. All of my bouquets and boutineers were homemade by my maid of honor and myself and the decorations for the venue were really simple. Just some white fairy lights, a little bit of tulle, and two long decorations to go down the side of the path I would be using as my aisle. The only things we didn't have to take care of were the chairs, and the arch that I had rented for the day. Still it was going well. Thus far in my wedding planning Disease Louise wasn't involved at all. She had given me around $500 to use on my wedding and stepped back to let me get going. It worked out perfectly. That all went straight to hell with the selection of the wedding dress.
If I could have gotten away with just not inviting DL dress shopping, I would have done it. I already had a general idea of what I wanted, had found a dress online that I loved and planned on getting, and as an added bonus the dress was less than $100. But since it's one of those big "mothedaughter things" Disease Louise insisted on going to a few bridal shops and trying on dresses. While that was fun and all I 1. Already knew what I wanted and 2. Was embarassed that DL kept taunting those poor saleswomen about how we would "come back" and get one dress or another. It was a different one at each shop.
The rest of the planning was pretty much smooth sailing. I found cheap bridesmaids dresses the same site I got my wedding dress off of (which were actually really nice quality for how cheap they were), all the decorations were planned, playlists were made, cake ordered, the works. Now things start to get iffier with DL.
At this point the topic of who would walk me down the aisle came up. My ex-stepfather really wanted to do it. Even though I was NC with him, had made it clear to him that he wasn't invited, and refused to even tell him when it would be. Then my jnbrother came in. He wanted to be the one to do it, felt he had earned that honor. Boy was it a fight with DL when I told her that under no circumstances would her golden child be walking me down the aisle. Instead I asked my grandfather, who is my father in every way that matters to me. DL and co were pissed about my decision, but what could they do? Not shit that's what. Following this decision Disease Louise tried to guilt me into letting my stepdad walk me down the aisle because "none of his other daughters let him" well duh DL. He's an asshole. He made it clear to me that I wasn't his kid, he doesn't get to do the good stuff. When I made it clear to her this would NOT be happening she threatened to tell him when the wedding would be so he could show up. I told her that if she did, I'd get married at the courthouse on a different day and wouldn't let her know when or where until it was already done. This here was the first glimmer of my spine.
Finally we arrive the day before my wedding, which was our rehearsal/decorating party. The plan was to have a quick rehearsal and then have everyone there help set up the park for the next evening. Well wouldn't you know that now Disease Louise decides to pitch a fit about putting up the decorations and leaving them overnight because "she was worried they would be stolen". Seriously who was gonna steal fucking christmas lights and tulle off some light poles in the middle of the night? This meant that instead of doing everything as planned, some people were expected to show up on the morning of my wedding and hustle to set everything up.
Let me tell you that was a disaster. This meant that I was alone in my hotel getting ready for my wedding while my bridesmaids were outside trying to get everything decorated before time was up. The bridesmaids had to rush back with less than an hour before the ceremony, get all of their hair done, get into their dresses, and help me into my dress before we headed to the ceremony. I ended up being half an hour late to my own fucking wedding because Disease Louise was worried about some fucking lights.
Then came the issue with the music. See, DH and I had set up a wedding playlist. One for the wedding processional and one for the reception. On the playlist for our processional was one song DL picked out, then "our" song, then the music the wedding party and I would walk in with. Bit of background on this part. At the time our song was the Elvis classic "Can't help falling in love with you" it had very sentimental value. The first time DH told me he loved me was because that song played on my phone and he thought I was trying to tell him I loved him without actually saying it. So he told me and from then on that song was our thing. So cut back to the wedding day, I'm finally there and we are playing the music as everyone gets final touches done and in order to walk. The start of our song comes on and DL marches over to the girl I have doing the music, and just hits next. Skipping the song entirely and starting the processional music. I was furious. But since I was also nervous about marrying the man of my dreams in just a few minutes I didn't start a scene.
Everything gets done, I am finally married to my amazing DH, and we head to the reception. Once there, and I can manage it, I pull Disease Louise aside and ask her why she skipped our song. Her answer? Because that was "her song" with her new boyfriend of literally 2 weeks and she wanted that for her wedding. Right. I didn't even have words, I just walked away.
We had a small adorable reception at the park pavilion, cut some cake, drank some punch, then headed out to dinner with the wedding party and our friends that had shown up. We had amazing mexican food and I downed an extra large margarita before heading to our hotel for the night.
There was so much that went wrong that day. I can't say that it was the wedding I had always dreamed about, but at the end of that day I was married to my best friend and none of the rest of it mattered. So that's the story about how Disease Louise made me late to my own wedding, and just generally fucked things up everywhere she went.
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2020.10.18 05:41 lenaluuuu97 22F - bisexual - [friendship] or [relationship]

Hey there, my name is Lena, I am Portuguese, Native American, and Mexican. I’m just trying to meet new people and make personal connections. A little about myself, I am from the San Fernando Valley, I am currently attending Community College, while working at Best Buy, and I love this path I’m on. I am a chubby girl, and I am also pretty short. I love to try new things, and create memories. I love to cook, bake, sew, and I love tattoos (receiving and appreciating others!)
I would love to share more about myself, but I’ll save that for those who are interested in chatting!
If interested in friendships, I really have no limitations, just know I’m a liberal!
If interested in possibly forming a relationship, I am bisexual. Please no one under 20, and no one over 32 (My father is 42, mother is 45, and it’s weird if I date people too close in age to them lol)
I have snapchat and Instagram so if you would like to chat on either of those please DM me for my usernames 🥰
Hope you all have a wonderful night!
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2020.10.16 05:20 dogmanjenkins My first and only paranormal experience to date

Hi everyone. I'm a frequent reader of stories on this sub, and they've inspired me to try to find answers to whatever I experienced when I was younger. Before I begin, I want to clarify that I was born female so I will be referring to my past self as such because I identified as female at the time, although I do not identify as female now. Also another disclaimer: I have slight memory problems due to prolonged untreated depression, and I was also traumatized by this so I might've blocked some things out. I promise that I'll tell everything I can remember. Sorry if this is a long one; I tend to ramble. ADHD.
This was on March 25-26, 2016. I was in 8th grade, 14 years old. I know this exact date because I was terrified after the fact and dissociated all day on March 26. Me and my family also went to Yosemite the 26th so I have pictures from the day after.
On March 25, I attended a sleepover at my friend's house. I'll call her B. She lived about a 3-5 minute walk away from me. There were three other girls there: G, M.A., and M.R. B's mother, father, and sister were home all day, but she had an older brother who partied so he would come home late at night. She had two dogs that were not allowed in the house and only stayed outside in the backyard.
B's room and her sister's room were connected by a bathroom, two doors opposite to each other. It was kind of like a hallway that happened to be a bathroom. For some reason, the main door to B's room was missing, as was her sister's main door to her bedroom. I think it was because their dad was paranoid about having boys over. The doors connecting their rooms were also missing. Don't worry, only the sinks were exposed; the toilet and shower were behind another door in the bathroom that was not missing. This is important later on.
It was great. I had fun, we talked our heads off. Teenage girl stuff. Eventually the topic of the paranormal came up, specifically the spirit of B's dead grandfather. B's family was Catholic, Mexican, very firm in their beliefs. They were convinced that he was their guardian angel. I feel like there were more stories of him, but I specifically remember two only.
The first is the one I remember clearest. B said that her mom was driving down a stretch of road. It was a cloudy day, but for some reason a ray of sunlight followed her mom's car. You know how it looks like the moon is following you in the car? That's how it felt, and the clouds were parted to shine this sun ray down on the car. It followed her all the way home, and she is convinced it was the grandfather protecting her while she drove.
The second is a bit hazy. I remember she said her mother felt a presence in their laundry room, but I can't remember if she saw or heard anything. She is also convinced that this was the grandfather.
I kind of shrugged it off for the most part. The conversation moved on anyway. That doesn't mean I wasn't intrigued. I've always been interested in ghosts, monsters, and cryptids. I was obsessed with vampires and ghosts when I was little even though I've always been terrified of spirits. I had to stop watching Ghost Adventures because it was getting hard for me to sleep at night. I was a bit skeptical at her stories, having being raised agnostic with a staunch athiest father. I wasn't scared of the stories, but I still kept them in mind.
When we went to bed, we slept in a line on the floor of B's bedroom, shoulder to shoulder. I went to sleep fine. At some point, B's brother came home, most likely drunk. He went straight to bed. His room was downstairs, at the end of the hallway under the staircase. The staircase is right outside B's room.
Suddenly, I woke up sweating bullets. I have no idea what time it was. It was like I blinked and woke up so I know I slept at least a little bit. The other girls were dead asleep, as was the rest of B's family.
I laid awake for a little bit, trying to go back to sleep. Then I heard three knocks. Their cadence was strange; it was an equal amount of time in between each knock, but it was too slow to be someone knocking on a door and too fast to be more than a second long. I'd say there was a half-second silence in between each knock.
I assumed it was B's brother and closed my eyes again. Then three more knocks. I wondered if someone was at the front door, but it would be unusual for a guest so late at night in a safe suburban neighborhood. I was a bit creeped out, then was REALLY creeped out when the knocks started up again. I realized they were coming from something that sounded wooden. The floor in B's house, including her room, was hardwood. It kind of sounded like it could be coming from downstairs, which would have been easy to hear since my head was on the floor. The thought that it was coming from B's bedroom floor was terrifying.
I felt like I laid there for hours, awake, listening to these knocks but I know that would be illogical. I'd estimate that this went on for about 10-20 minutes. I was scared out of my mind.
I woke the other girls up, panicked. They were all super groggy and not really awake at all as I was telling them what happened. There were no knocks when they were awake. I told them I was scared. G just looked out the window, said "It's dark outside," and went right back to sleep. The other girls didn't really seem to care either, and they all went back to sleep. I've never felt more helpless or alone in my entire life. I contemplated texting my mom but I was too scared to move.
The knocking stopped, if I remember correctly, but then the clicking started. It sounded like someone clicking open a pen, just once. It started directly above us. Then I heard it again, and it sounded like it came from B and her sister's bathroom. Then I heard it again coming from B's sister's room. Then again in the bathroom, then again above us. The sound was travelling back and forth between the rooms. I was too scared to remember how many times this occurred, but I do remember the clicking wasn't immediately one after the other. There was maybe a second or two delay between each click, all following the pattern. The strange thing about it is that I didn't dare look at it, but I always associate the image of a pinprick of blue light flashing with each click.
At some point, I passed out and suddenly it was morning. I felt drained and irritable all day, but also like I wasn't really fully conscious. I felt like I wasn't really all there. I later looked up how I was feeling and the best way I could describe it is that I was dissociating, most likely due to how afraid I was during the night. It was strange dissociating in Yosemite, I didn't really want to appreciate it when I felt that crappy.
I told my parents about it and they said there was probably an explanation. I never really discussed it with anyone else until now, but from time to time I remember my experience and how terrified I felt. I've never felt that afraid of anything before or since. It was mind-boggling.
I know it wasn't sleep paralysis. I have never experienced sleep paralysis before or after this incident. I could move and speak and was fully lucid due to the amount of fear I felt. And I always thought my friends not listening to me was pretty weird. And even after that, I still heard things. I know I wasn't hallucinating.
What do you think? Again, sorry if this was long. If anybody needs clarification of anything I said please ask, I tend to word-vomit and not really get across what I'm trying to say.
TL;DR: Woke up to knocks at a sleepover, friends didn't care and went back to sleep, heard a clicking pattern afterward. Dissociated the entire day afterward.
Edit: A grammar mistake.
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